Realizing I picked the wrong education
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Thread: Realizing I picked the wrong education

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    Realizing I picked the wrong education

    As the title says, I think I might have picked the wrong education. I have been studying biology for full-time 6 years now but the last 3 years I haven't been able to think of anything else then art, so much that it have engulfed all my free time. If I had known when I was 18 that just studying art will make you better and that it wasn't something you were born with and if I didn't listen to everyone around me who said you couldn't make any money or a career in art - then I would have instantly gone to an art school.

    But after I now graduate (doing final graduation project now) I will be 25, and if I work for a year in biology and then go to an art-school to further myself in art (and get art-discipline which I lack) which is what I really want to do, then if I take a 3 year education or so then I will end up being almost 30 when graduating from that. I am just wondering if it will be worth it, going back to school, again.

    There is also the possibility to at my spare time by the side of my biology-job to study art, but I fear I will be too tired and never really be able to give it my all, and progress will be immensely slower then what would happen at an art school. And to be honest my art-discipline is quite horrible.

    I am not sure what I should do, and if what I want to do is worth it in the end. All I really want is to work with art, biology is a big interest of mine but compared to art it fades to nothingness. I can honestly no longer see myself doing anything else then art in the future. I should also mention that because of this I have been in a depression for quite some time, which I am struggling to get out of.

    I would like to know if anyone been in a similar situation and might have any advice. I would very much like to listen. Any thought are welcome.

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