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    Marko Laine's portfolio so far


    I'm a student at Aalto University, studying to actually become an art teacher. We mostly work with traditional mediums, but I prefer digital painting/drawing over that when I work with my own pieces. Or perhaps a mix of both (usually scetching with pencil and then scanning the piece).

    I would love to get work as an illustrator or a concept designer (as do most of us here, i guess).

    Well, that's all for now... Here's several pieces for my portfolio. Would love constructive criticism!

    ps. sorry for the odd sizes of the pieces.

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    You get some solid design, the last one is particularly interesting.
    But I think that you have to work on the backgrounds.

    Check out the fourth one : You draw a background for it, but without any interesting elements for the composition.

    No background for the first one, the robot seem great but in... nothing. In my humble opinion, may let the background blank and add a name/title to your character if they are only characters design, cause I'm confused a bit about what they are...

    Finished illustrations without environments or characters design?

    Same thing for the fifth one.
    The only drawing that's clear about that is the last one, with the rectangle behind the characters. I think it's just a matter of presentation for each of your drawings and for your entire portfolio : It's well balanced until you have more finished illustrations.

    I love the skeleton in the boat, with a nice background! xD

    But you know, may I'm wrong... I never do a portfolio... I'm no an expert lol
    I keep trying to learn how to draw since I was 3 years old... except that I just understand that I have to pratice and that's all.
    BTW i'm a french native speaker so my english can be really bad... I apologize...

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