I tried doing a ca. forum/thread search on this. Didn't find what I was looking for so, I will ask here.

Ok, so I am attending TAD this fall,,er like in a week. It will be my first go at an art education. That being said, I was thinking I should start acclimating myself to traditional mediums. So to start, I thought, I should buy some art supplies and just use them for a while. Not focused on the fundamentals, just getting used the feel of brushes, charcoal pencils, different paper and surfaces. Did that for a while,,no photoshop.

Then, from reading post here, I kinda got the notion if you don't know where to start, then, start drawing what you see. This is where I am at now,,setting up still life, walking around with sketchbook and, well, drawing what I see. I know there is more to it than that, I just didn't know where to start.

Now, finally, the question. I've noticed when I draw, it's very sketchy. Like I'll draw a line over and over until I get this fuzzy image of my subject but, this sketchy image is fairly proportional, just super sketchy. From there I can break out the eraser and start refining it. It just seems counter productive. In photoshop I would just start with solid blocks of color, kinda making a silhouette and build on that. I'm just wondering if I should emulate that method somehow in my sketchbook. Or do I need to focus a few hours a day to contour drawing? Or, just draw the subject over and over? I know sketches are "sketchy",,mine just seem a little too sketchy when doing a study.

Sorry for the long intro before the question, thought a little background info might help. Also, i'm gonna leave a link to my dA page, in case that helps to see where I am as an artist currently,,
Any help is truly helpful and, I promise I will appreciate it.

dA link--http://pistoli.deviantart.com