So, with just two episodes to go, we now know that whoever Warlow is, Russell is likely to have a fight on his hands if he comes for Sookie. Her particular brand of claret is highly prized and so unless the Faeries make like Sam and nut up, the girl will be pretty much at the mercy of two powerful, hungry vamps. That aside, the Faery/Vamp deal is tantalising – what can JW Stackhouse have been buying with the life of his progeny? Or rather whom? Whatever the answers, the Faeries are in it up to their necks, so if they’re not going to fight, the least they can do is start talking, and fast.Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 Online, True Blood 5x11 Free, Watch True Blood S05E11 Online Full Episode, Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 Online Free From True Blood Season 5 Episode 11, Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 11 Online, True Blood 5x11 Free, Watch True Blood S05E11 Online Full Episode,

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Molly, the techie for the Authority, gets staked by her own auto-staking invention for her betrayal in aiding Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) last week. Eric, however, is kept alive, as Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) have talked the other members of the Authority into giving them the opportunity to turn him to their cause. Their seduction of Eric starts forcefully enough, with prying his mouth open so that Bill can force a droplet of Lilith’s blood down his throat so that Eric might see a vision of her. It’s about as subtle a tactic as you’d find in Guantanamo Bay, and probably as effective, as it isn’t Lilith, but Godric who appears instead.

Eric confesses that he’s failed, that Nora is lost, while Nora insists that Godric abandoned her and that she is committed to Lilith now. Godric, for his part, declares that he’s done what his former progeny has failed to do – he’s evolved. At that moment, Lilith appears, embracing Godric from behind. As Eric implores Godric to fight her, Nora begs Lilith to spare her maker. But Godric simply declares that he is not the one who needs to fight her. And with that, Lilith rips Godric’s throat out, coating herself in his blood to the abject horror of Eric and Nora. It’s a powerful scene, though not anywhere near as powerful as Godric’s original death.

But it goes a long way in establishing the formidable threat of Lilith, particularly since Godric is among the oldest, wisest, and most powerful vampires we’ve met on True Blood. Bill looks on via security cameras, not seeing the shared visions of Eric and Nora, but knowing, just the same, that he’s won Eric to their cause with Lilith’s evisceration of his maker.

Whether Eric has truly accepted Lilith into his heart, or if he’s simply playing the long con is yet to be seen. Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare), however, renounces Lilith outright when Salome shoots down his idea of synthesizing faerie blood in the same way the Japanese synthesized human blood. He reverts to his native accent, proclaiming that he’s 3000 years old and is capable of killing everyone in the room, vampire strength being relative to one’s age. Before leaving, Russell declares that he will have the sun, making it all the more likely that he will find himself a faerie on which to feed.

It’s inconceivable that it won’t be Sookie. But more interesting is how Bill and Eric’s newfound ideology will conflict with their inherent love for her; no matter how much they try to deny it, there will always be a lingering affection for Sookie, and a need to keep her safe.

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