Lyraina thank you! and it did help ^_^

Hey (:
I'm trying to keep the beat up. hard today since my hand started to really
hurt from penciling

Since i am starting a new job - I made a drawing schedule, just so I won't get lost (hehe i'm lost in my room and I sleep with papers=P )
I realllly don't want to mess this up! so am writing this as a reminder to self
so DrAw dRaW DRAW

50/35cm, 9b pencil
had a hard time with the texture of the fabric. came out looking like wood
not happy with this
Name:  IMG_0734.jpg
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I start studying expression - some quick gestures.
Struggling in deciding ratter to do this freely, or to "build" the face structure
Tips are welcomed!!
Name:  IMG_0740.jpg
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some quickies, trying to build the face and simplify it..cause I kinda got
trapped in the realistic trap
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it's not much, but I am really working hard on understanding the figure, but
those are mainly gestures which are hard to take photo of

Good day