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    Chompi'n Sketchbook

    I'm new here - looking to improve! (:
    you will have to excuse my english - it's not that great.

    I'm a 21 age little girl , starting my journey to Illustration now!
    Haven't drawn a-lot when I was younger, The realization that this is what I want to do
    fell on me a few years back, but I had other duties that filled my day.

    So..for my journey I will need:
    1. My motivation in a bag-pack
    2. A lot of critics! 'cause many obstacles need to be torn
    3. tips, resources, suggestions - ' are friendly? =P

    I also need a good camera and scanner (later on a Tablet)
    But till then..I will settle for lesser quality photos

    So no more yabbing - here is the startHope not too big)
    - Caricatures
    - portraits, still life, doodles
    -a few skull studies from Bammes and photos, really trying to understand

    (How do I put pictures with words in-between?)

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    May 2011
    Wow really good start! I love the way you draw eyes. To have text in-between pictures I think you need to link pictures from an url instead of uploading them directly. Although I'm not quite sure myself. Good luck

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    Jun 2003
    Your sketches look good, but unfortunately they suffer from the bad image quality. So you better get a scanner as soon as possible.

    In order to put text between your images, you have to use these tags (without any of the spaces):

    [ attach ] 1234567 [ /attach ]

    You also need to replace "1234567" with the number you see after "attachmentid=" in the URL of your uploaded image.

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    FinalDay - poof - my parents keep saying that when we move place, will buy new stuff everything will suddenly be perfect

    So I am drawing everyday - almost all day! (well, i quit my job so..=P)
    - I'll post some tomorrow.
    trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with my shading - so back to basics

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    Mar 2012
    los angeles
    nice start, cant tell much about where you are at with what you posted so looking forward to more!

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    Jun 2011
    Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook! Cool portraits. Hope to see more from you!

    Check out my sketchbook! Socially acceptable opportunity to yell at a teenage girl!
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    Jul 2012
    Great start, I really like the stilized portraits you did

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    20.8.12 update

    I can't believe my camera was once a good one. /=
    I really want critics but - with this quality that I upload - doesn't look
    the same

    Wow! tnx FinalDay - now I know how to attach..hehe <:

    self portrait - trying to do one per day.Cause looking at yourself is damn hard!
    I am trying to first divide into 3 shades only, and then render, because
    I feel like I am adding too much values - and it is smudgy
    Name:  IMG_0706.jpg
Views: 272
Size:  414.7 KB
    (i'm a girl )

    More skulling! trying to understand. doing these from memory as well
    Name:  IMG_0709.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  507.2 KB

    Here I really want help! The image I drew below
    I wanna start doing more nature and surrounding drawings!
    I Realized I don't know how to even turn to it! fast or slow, it doesn't matter
    I just got so confused!
    Name:  IMG_0707.jpg
Views: 257
Size:  222.7 KB
    Gotta do this from real life as well! just need a-little guidance to kick-start
    this Penciling is a-bit harsh for my hand =/

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    Jun 2003
    Glad it worked!

    Sadly, it is really hard to recognize the details on your landscape drawing because of the bad quality and low resolution. One thing I noticed is that you didn't put in the foreground. To add depth, it is always a good idea to divide landscape drawings / paintings into foreground, middleground and background.

    If you want to get more into landscape art, I'd recommend you Jack Hamm's book "Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes". It doesn't cost much and is full of useful advice.

    So, keep it up!

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    FinalDay: tnx! I got the book and started reading it - still at the start
    but it is interesting!

    So I have Jack Hamm book - drawing scenery, and Michael Hampton - Figure
    Drawing. Can't wait to dig in!

    It is a-bit hard to keep update because of my shitty camera >: There is
    plenty more drawing than I upload to my comp..

    Study for my art teacher
    Name:  IMG_0722.jpg
Views: 259
Size:  414.9 KB

    my daily self-portrait. Felt kinda mouseish
    Name:  IMG_0718.jpg
Views: 243
Size:  409.4 KB

    Trying to apply perspective into real-life
    Name:  IMG_0714.jpg
Views: 255
Size:  349.2 KB

    Doodling from refs
    Name:  IMG_0715.jpg
Views: 244
Size:  338.5 KB

    =/ lacking some fun! gaa - i'll make the weekend all about experimenting & fun
    and less studying

    cheers (:

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    Jan 2008
    even I don't know
    Great work but as someone else said, shame about the resolution. Keep at it. Try experiment with colour.

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    Jan 2010
    Amerstburg, Ontario
    Good work so far. the skulls look very nice.

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    Jun 2011
    Alberta, Canada
    Wow, looking good in here! Seems like you've got a good understanding of the form of the face, and your rendering is lovely too! I love that study of the Thinker.

    It'd be nice to see you do more full-body stuff, and colour as well!

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    Mar 2010
    nice start, keep it up

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    Mar 2010
    Very nice portraits! Keep up the good work!

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    Oct 2005
    Bologna, Italy
    good start for a new sketchbook! you seem to have a good grasp of life drawing, and as long as you progress with that it will only be a question of mixing it with imagination to produce some cool artwork! If you keep up with this kind of quality, improvement will be really fast.
    If you're concerned with the quality of your uploads, invest in a scanner instead of taking pictures- it really will make a difference, and should also give you a chance to further edit your drawings and start practicing some digital painting too!

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    Jun 2012
    Hey there!

    Nice SB! You have a good sense of form generally speaking. It is really important that you keep drawing and posting things here every day, so, as TheGnoll said, invest in a scanner, to keep the ritual going. And once you get your tablet, do studies using both digital and traditional mediums.

    For Books, i would recommend the Andrew Loomis Stuff, get "Fun with a pencil" for your first, and then go for the others accordingly to your necessity. Once you do a lot of studies from books, references and try some from imagination, you'll realize that it is all about perception, and doing it everytime you possibly can, will only help that perception of yours.

    Also, set goals for yourself, the "community activities" has many threads that can help you with setting goals, you can do some studies for the Spartan Camp or maybe try sketching something based on the challenges of the week. At least for me, it really helped to get the feel for the stuff.

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  19. Very nice line quality!

    Have you set your camera to ISO 100? If your camera allows, doing so should fix the grain problem you are having. I used to have the same problem and that's how I fixed it (make sure your camera doesn't automatically override your manual ISO settings; mine did that and I couldn't figure out what was wrong).

    You are putting in solid hours into your work. Keep posting!

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    phoenicorn tnx! will be fixed
    Psychobuddy tnx <:

    Clurthanks, I am buying my self a set of watercolor pencils <: so soon

    DaevidKwill do!

    TheGnolltnx!! You'r words are motivational

    Caio Chagas^_^ thank u! will take u'r advice and tour the forums

    Blackbridgehehe tnx. actually the camera just got stupid =P

    So I started with gesture-drawing, as I am reading Michael Hampton book
    - and loving it.
    And also compositioning and stuff Jack Hamm scenery book.
    it fills my day! (but soon I'll start a new job so... )

    I am just updating with my daily self portrait (gaa..I don't look like that)
    and doodling

    Name:  24.8.jpg
Views: 197
Size:  359.1 KB

    I think i should really encounter with my fear of drawing from imagination!
    Sometimes it feels like my head is blank

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    Aug 2010
    You have good sense of style and value. Just do more practise, and everything will be great, I think

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    Oct 2005
    Bologna, Italy
    buy a scanner! (i'll remind you in every post hahah!)

    looks like you know what you're doing with your studies!

    if imagination drawing seems a little too challenging in the beginning, try drawing a really small imagination sketch/thumbnail- just to define what you need to draw and how- then shoot some pictures and googleimagesearch what you can't shoot youself, then use those pictures as reference to help you bring to finish the drawing!

    And if you're missing a starting concept/idea, the community activities here (CHOW,COW,EOW etc) as Caio Chagas suggested are a great starting point.

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    aedan9tnx! I"ll make it all right =P

    TheGnoll ^_^ it makes me happy you came back. Scanner&tablet it is.
    I took you'r advice for this update (: thank you

    I had this idea while I was humming "tank in moonlight" - I really dunno why! hehe
    It's not what I had in's a-bit stiff and boring
    and I also didn't know what to do(lost the picture in my head), so it
    turned out to be "empty play-room"

    BUT it's a start and I really want to try coloring something, just to play around in photoshop(with no tablet though)
    so wish me luck (:

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    Jul 2012
    England, London
    Hey Marvelous sketchbook you have here!I would say if you wish to start a career in illustration a wacom tablet would be essential! (sure you are hearing that alot lol) one with pressure senitivity is what you'd want.

    I see you have already been recommended books. For resources I recommend daily acticity of 30 to 90 second drawings via

    and for online life drawing:

    for quick improvement. focus on aspects you wish to improve. i.e. drawing humans? study anatomy: bone, muscles and then value rendering. within that aspect you can break it down and focus on specific parts of the body to improve upon.
    sometimes it is good as when you have too much to study your mind can go blank and you just end up mindlessly copying. That's why I also do a lot of rough value studies or sketches.

    anyway best of luck! I got my eye on you ;D

    If I happen to comment on your sketchbook, please don't feel obliged to comment on mine. use that time instead to get back to work.

    CA sketchbook:

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    Mar 2012
    Your drawings from life are looking really good already, keep those going, they'll definitely help. I can relate to the fear of drawing from imagination. I've been there... wait... I am there .

    Just remember not to worry about it, just draw and enjoy the process.

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    Feb 2010
    Boston, Massachusetts
    you've got some nice studies going on in here :> I really like the ones of the skulls and the portraits you did! One thing that really helps you improve is life drawing, find some places (like a coffe shop/bus/train) where people gather and stay still and do some quick gesture studies! Keep drawing and challenging yourself, can't wait to see your progress!

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    Dec 2010
    Thanks for stoppin by mate.

    Great studies from what I can see thus far. I like the caricature drawings, since i've never really tried it out.

    However, there's not much here to form a solid opinion of where you're at overall, so the best thing I could say would be to keep up a consistent stream of drawing. That'll probably help the most at this stage.

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    luthertaylor thanx! definitely feeling like i'm pressuring myself to as much
    as I can everyday! sometimes it's a-bit on the downside but...I'm here to keep
    it up! ^_^

    viki oh thank u! you've got a good point. and I am trying to start doing so
    but it's hard


    Soo.. I colored the piece..and had absolutely no idea what I am doing. kinda got
    lost. and dumped it. I think I'll start with coloring with water pencils before
    I jump to this

    BUT to actually make some learning values - I later did different composition
    To try to emphasis what I want in a better way

    Name:  tank-midnight.jpg
Views: 174
Size:  260.7 KB
    Name:  tank-compos.jpg
Views: 166
Size:  62.1 KB

    Will try to post more drawing later.

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    Hey, thanks for stopping by my sketchbook! I notice you are starting to experiment with color. I struggled with it too, until I started limiting my palettes in order to get the mood I wanted. Try watching animated movies and look at how they use color to manipulate how you feel. It is a huge eye opener! Different values will also help the mood you want to convey. Excellent skull studies, by the way!

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    bodied thanks! I think it is really important what you said
    and will try it (:

    QUESTION: My photoshop shows me the most white, as yellow - so it is
    really messed up, only when I export it to a jpg file, I see the true colors
    anybody knows how to fix it?
    Will sure be grateful for any answerr

    So I will only update what that is easy to photograph (and a-bit fix in
    photoshop). nothing much now

    As I progress in Michael Hampton's figure book(and do many gestures),
    I thought it would be best to study the skeleton a-little, to better understand his landmarks, and OuR BonES. hehe

    Name:  IMG_0729.jpg
Views: 280
Size:  232.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_0732.jpg
Views: 175
Size:  101.0 KB
    Name:  IMG_0733.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  103.8 KB

    I have also learnt a great lesson today!(if anybody cares about my yabbing)
    I realized i should always looks for mistakes, cause today I was dreamy
    and put the rib-cage at the pelvis =P

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    Great start for a sketchbook! Already some nice stuff in here. Your self portraits are lovely, very pretty I agree though, it's really strange to stare at ones image in the mirror all the time.

    I'm not really sure about your photoshop question - maybe you work with a strange color profile?
    Maybe this helps (step 2) :

    Keep up the great studies

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