Hey everyone, time to ask for more advice again! basically im still giving a lot of thought to atelier/ classical academy study, unfortunately it turns out that a british student cant get loans to study in america from what ive been told, and so im looking at european schools once again - specifically angel academy in florence.

the only catch as im sure you can imagine is finances - i contacted the student finances in england and they say I cant get a uk student loan to study in the eu - you have to go through the specific countries student loan service, in this case italys.

my question is have any foreign students managed to get an italian student loan for any of their ateliers seeing as it is not technically a university degree course? please dont think im being lazy asking here first - i thought it may be quicker than trying to speak to their loan service seeing as i cant speak italian, and I know at least a couple of people on here have studied at these places despite not being a local. Thanks in advance for all the help