Hi people,

You may have caught wind of this plugin over the weekend. We're quite keen to get feedback from traditionally trained artists on this. Perhaps you already make concept blockouts in Max and can imagine a toolset along these lines to fit in with your workflow. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Per, 3Point Studios

Following is the official announcement.

3Point Studios unveils 3ptools Lite

3ptools is an extensive toolset for 3D modeling in Autodesk 3ds Max, focusing on ease-of-use and automation of technical tasks.

As a taste of things to come, and free to use for non-commercial purposes, 3ptools Lite is designed to invoke the experience of line-drawing in a 3D environment by letting you paint strips of geometry in an intuitive manner.

In order to let the artist remain creative, the technical complexities of the plugin are hidden underneath the hood. This means that a large number of cases are handled based on projected artist expectations and modeling environment, instead of forcing the user to micro-manage.

3ptools Lite is available for download from:


3ptools Lite - 3D Modeling plugin by 3Point Studios - YouTube

3ptools - 3D sketching for 3ds Max

3ptools - 3D sketching for 3ds Max