Today I was looking to grab a copy of the Animator's Survival Kit from Amazon, and the site informed me that there was a new edition available. Unfortunately Amazon does not have that version (the expanded edition) in stock, though it is available from some third-parties.

Here's my dilemma. I'm flying out in a week for work, and was hoping to be able to start reading it on the flight/layovers. If I order the older version from amazon it will certainly arrive in time, but if I order from a third-party it might not.

I've not been able to find information on what is in the additional 50 pages, so I was wondering if I'll be missing anything of use or interest if I go with the old version? I ask as I've had plenty of experiences with new editions of books adding nothing (I'm looking at you, textbooks).

Thanks for any information in advance.

Edit: Cool, posted in the wrong animation subforum because I apparently can't read and can't remember how to delete a thread.