Greeting CA. In college I came to my senses and took art classes but they were all drawing and digital. I usually color in color pencil and have tried in soft and oil pastels, thinking it was a good bridge to painting, but failed miserably. So I never got around to learning to paint. The only painting I did was in color theory, but it was more so mixing colors and doing color exercises, not making proper "paintings".

I have the acrylic paint, oil paint, thick paper, and brushes. Now all I have to do is learn to use them. So were do I start? And I mean from the absolute bear basics. I tried painting the other day (a garbage can from life) and I mixed the colors (they turned out sort of accurate I guess) but I could not fashion it into an actual "painting." How do you get from mixed colors and blank paper/canvas to painting.

As seen in my sketchbook, I'm capable of painting digitally, if you want to call them paintings.