I worked a lot with Digital Painting on Photoshop, but my interest in Fine Arts is much stronger. I work mainly with Pencil, Love Oil Painting and took a few Classes, but I don't have to time to Sit and Paint for very long due to Work and RL Problems (The Story of A Young Artist)

So here it is, my first question would be what can I do to manipulate Smooth and Detailed artwork, close to Digital Painting and Oil Painting without needing to bust out the full Canvas. I was thinking Colored Pencil but it's way too light for my tastes and the Set I bought was really scratchy no matter how smoothly I spread it on paper. I was really interested in Dry Brushing but I do not know what materials exactly I would need to start out with. (If anyone has a list of what I could get, I would Appreciate that greatly!)

Layering is what I love, I can't just draw an outline and then "Fill In". Working the color in and details really helps me with my problem of not being able to finish artwork, I get bored of a picture if it's too slow (I know, really bad habit, trying to change my Approach)

Mediums I've tried: Pastel pencil (Might give it another shot, which brand?), Oil Pastel, VERY LITTLE Acrylic (would like to try it out more), Pen and ink (Love it, but I can't get to hang of realisim with it, I always tend to go too dark)

also if it would help, my Art Style is Realistic/Dark/Horror/Fantasy and if I'm feeling frisky, Comic Book-like

Thanks in Advance to any Replies!