Hello all,

I was on Facebook recently a few days ago, checking in with a fan page that devotes its attention to the cult television show "Millennium", which is one of my favorites of all time.

Anyway, a posted update on that page showed several t-shirt designs that were 'unofficial' and when I took a closer look at one that looked real familiar, I was stunned to see one of my pieces being used on it.

I don't know exactly WHO was responsible but the link to the t-shirts led me to these guys at:


Then I contacted them directly about it to find out who authorized it. A few hours later, the t-shirts on studiotees got taken down. It appears I spooked someone because they knew I was onto them.

I also had a blog about my experience at:


Has anyone had any experience dealing with studiotees.com? I've a feeling they're one of those shady companies that steal images from the internet and print them off without any acknowledgement or authorization.

Someone needs to raise a red flag on them.