Dragon Attack
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Thread: Dragon Attack

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    Dragon Attack

    Looking for composition and anatomy critiques on this.

    I've done some work on the black and white texture and plan on adding color but wanted feedback first.

    The general composition I wanted was what Gurney called the windmill composition where the four corners of the piece represent the four tonal ranges. Starting from the upper right corner, dark on light- light on light- light on dark- dark on dark.

    The plan is for the sky to be a reddish sunset, the dragon to be green and the knight to be dark browns and scarlets.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    hey Kafka, my main beef with this image is the composition and values. There's probably a fair share of perspective and anatomy issues but i can't really see them due to the comp and values. First of all the the values are all in a similar range and make it impossible to see what is going on. Stand up and walk to the far side of the room and look at the image, or squint your eyes at it, what do you see? In all fairness the top section with the silhouette thing is kinda readable but the bottom half is very indistinguishable. This is partly because there is absolutely no sense of lighting in this image. It could really do with some direct sunlight casting interesting shapes and making interesting cast shadows.

    The compositional issues mostly arise mainly because it's bloody difficult to decipher what sits where in space and that is a problem, you have a nice diagonal line with that spear but the values are really killing all interest in this image.

    My suggestion would be to stop working on this image and instead start working on acquiring the necessary skills to pull this image off well.

    You need to do more still life painting to get your head around form because honestly i see no understanding of 3d forms in this image, same goes with lighting, cast some lighting on some fruit, study what happens to the value relationships, record it and study it, then change the angle and study that. It's all about training your brain to be it's own little rendering program.

    I would also suggest doing master studies of your favorite artist. Grab some of their work convert it to black and white and see what they do with lighting and value.

    Hope that was not too extreme a crit, take it easy!


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