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Thread: Roberto Gomes - for review

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    Roberto Gomes - for review

    Hi! I'm Roberto Gomes, from Joćo Pessoa, Brazil. I'm attending Architecture and Urbanism at the university, but my main goal is to work with illustration and animation/film/games with 2D art, whether it be concept art or character design.

    I'm selftaught, that's why I'm always looking for any feedback to make me evolve as an artist. I use pencil drawings and digital painting to make my artwork.

    I'll post what I've been doing recently. So here we go! And thanks a lot in advance for any review!

    "Against the Titan Teachers": Contest entry. April 2009
    Attachment 1535557

    "The Farmers". November 2009
    Attachment 1535570

    "A Fishing Day". October 2010
    Attachment 1535556

    "Down". May 2011
    Attachment 1535558

    "Thalassa": Personal character design. May 2011
    Attachment 1535568

    "Turquoise Sausage Salamander": Personal creature design. June 2011
    Attachment 1535572

    "So, we meet again...". July 2011
    Attachment 1535567

    "Master Yoda". January 2012
    Attachment 1535576

    "World of Warcraft Night Elf": Personal character redesign. March 2012.
    Attachment 1537723

    "Jade Eyes": Personal character design. March 2012
    Attachment 1535577

    "The Five of Clubs": Personal character design. August 2012
    Attachment 1537726

    Cheers to all!
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    Ahhhh sup brosef, saw you before but didn't get around to commenting on yours!

    It looks like you have wonderful ideation and color and rendering.

    The biggest critique I have for right now is, look at the people or the companies that you want to be/work for. Like super specifically, look up the credits to your favorite games/movies, find the illustrators/marketing peeps/concept artists out there, and start studying and looking at their work. Odds are, like your Yoda image, you'll start finding very small but critically decisive inconsistencies within your skills of reproduction and general believability. And I'm here learning right along with ya.

    In terms of concept art, I don't see a lot of solid "concept" images here, a lot of marketing and illustrative promotion pieces, but nothing that's very "I can give this to a 3d modeler and he can get it ALL figured out" and I mean in terms of orthagraphic images, environments, how a mechanical door works, how a game mechanic works, etc. Again, a lot of pretty imagery, but not a lot of "here's how this works."

    And then again, I'm right along with you on this. I feel like we're both at a point that is very close on the edge of consistent freelance work coming our way, but we have issues where it's just 5% away from not being there.

    Happy hunting good sir. And here's my email if you want to go back and forth some more on this all:
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    Refrain yourself from putting fan art in your portfolio.
    The "against the titan teachers" looks out of place.
    Your rendering of your recent work is great.
    Overall I'm missing creativity, like I've seen it all before.
    Come up with at least one of your own "wacky" designs - go nuts.
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    Sizzle, Uziel: Thanks a lot guys!

    It's cool to see that in terms of rendering I'm kinda walking in a good path. I see now that I must seriously mess up with creativity to make a portfolio for concept art. I promise I'll work hard exploring that, the views, the designs, the crazy part of the stuff.

    Thanks a lot again, these feedback was really precious, made me see I must get out of fan arts and...well, be myself.

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