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    Yaaay critiques!

    Obstfelder: You've got some great stuff, I'm especially a fan of your color studies, and your face are very good. I don't really have anything else to say, just keep it up.

    Hamorhage: Nice gestures, especially your faces. You really captured them there, well done.

    Serix: Nice stuff! You tend to pet your lines just a touch, but it's not that much.

    Tim Murphy: Thanks for the kind words! Your gestures are good, but your faces look kind of cartoonish (unless that's what you were aiming for). And I'm especially a fan of your quick stick figures.

    Jarkuzy: Welcome to Spartan Camp! You finished your 50 really fast, and they look great! Nice job.

    cumquat: Your faces are very good, but some in your first post look a little like caricatures, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You do need to work on skin tones some, though, I think. And thanks for the tuts!

    AdrianNagorski: Your gestures are fine, but I think with your faces that you should work on putting down guidelines. In your upper left face, for example, her eyes are a tad crooked. Just study the skull and the face as a whole instead of focusing on the features. You've got some great stuff, though, man.

    Animare: Nice stuff, but your 30 sec gestures seem a tad wibbly wobbly and could be strengthened. But you have some great faces.

    wla91: I don't really have any critiques for you, all your stuff is good! Is that Louis C.K. you painted a couple times?

    J8stine: Thanks for the critique, I'll make sure to do that. Your stuff is very good, and your color studies are very interesting. Not bad!

    biro: Welcome to CA, and to Spartan Camp, biro! Your stuff isn't too bad, but your faces tend to get kind of skewed. Are you putting down guideline before you go into detail? If not, you really should. Hoping to see you more around here!


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    Great effort everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback Zombie. I'm gonna try and return the favor, but I'm out of time right now.

    Did some last minute face studies from here. Nice to have turnarounds of the model like that.

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