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Thread: Coastal study

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    Coastal study

    Coastal study

    Hey everyone, I was just hoping for some fresh eyes to take a glance at this picture I've been working on. It was initially just a sketch, so I could experiment with different brushes and such and just muck around, but now I kinda like it, and would like to take it further. I just feel really stuck in a rut with it. Could anybody give me some advice, like does anything jump out at you really bad?

    Thanks xxx

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    Trying to help !! don't kill me!!

    Hi matey

    I wasn't quite sure how to help you with this so I did a bit of blatant photoshoppery to add some elements and some numbers so you know what areas I am rattling on about ok!?
    Before I start I am by no means an expert in this area you need "Dpaint" or "JeffX99" to really get you going but I will give it a try.

    Here is the paint over first:-

    Attachment 1535853

    1) Firstly I thought wow there is a large area of empty sea out here that needs something to stop it pulling your eye away from the cottage, but then I thought actually the focus of the image is off and that is down to the composition generally. Looking at it I am not sure where you want us to look so I just added some distant land and faded it back to give us some depth to the image.
    2) The cottage is too small or the road is too big, a private road to a little cottage is a single track affair so if we put a car on your road its bigger than the cottage, so I made the cottage a bit bigger but after looking again I still think it needs to be bigger still.
    3) reflection on the water from the island or clouds or whatever is going there, it needs to make an appearance on the water.
    4) I am assuming the cottage is the focus of the image and was just thinking that we could put some flowers here at the front and then suggest some more smaller ones in the mid ground util finally some very tiny ones next to the cottage to suggest size.
    5) whatever you decide you need to get some waves going, just some rollers and white tops as they come into the beach.

    Ok that is as far as my thinking has taken me so far with this mate, I really hope this helps you out or at least gives you something new to think about.
    If you want some more inspiration then I honestly suggest you look at the work of "Dpaint" and "jeffX99" you will get a lot out of it and it will certainly help.

    all the best with the work matey.
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    Some great points there LS. Hope you don't mind me adding some things on top of what you said.

    First try and lead the eye some more to the focus. here ive tried to use the path and the mountain line to the house. Also i've overlapped the foreground and the background, cementing the difference in space between the middle and background. Also i have overlapped the foreground over the horizon line to add more interest.

    P.S i know i've changed the image a fair bit, you don't have to i'm just saying think more about the composition. Anyway cheers, and good luck.

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