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    Tablet recommendations for a noob

    I'm wanting to move on from traditional painting to digital and have no idea on what tablet to start off with. I'm not looking for a cheap one for a beginner as I've used tablets before in school. But rather one that can accommodate someone who's real nit picky with detail (unless that's irrelevant). So I'm hoping to improve in crucial areas that I can't develop with a real brush. I'm also using a PC so I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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    Wacom. Period. I've tried to buy a cheap Genius tablet only to find the 4000 lpi was closer to 400 lpi. All of my lines came in broken. I'd draw a circle and the tablet drew a box.
    Look for an intuos 3 6x11 on craigslist or ebay. If you have the money go with an intuos 5 or a wacom 22hd cintiq.

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    ive tried most of the tablets and have decided to go the wacom 24hd route that way i can sell my dell 27ich screen and keep my water cooled i7 and use the wacom as a monitor aswell as a superb drawing tool.if you cant afford the wacom my reccomendation would be
    lenovo x200t it has a wacom digitizer and you can put win7 on it it runs nice and cool and 8gig ram ssd away you go
    samsung slate 7 get a bit hot but has a great screen and drawing is nice
    ipad 3 with jaja stylus or jot touch
    or in october microsoft surface which looks really good and a bunch of other tablets with wacom support
    if you can afford it the wacom 24hd is the one to go for

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    I'd look at the intuos line.
    cintiqs are heaps expensive, I would love one one day... Intuos5 is the newest one, I have one, they're sweet.
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