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    Can you learn to eyeball proportions and angles accurately?

    hidy, i got a question:
    Can i learn to estimate proportions and angles better?
    im wondering whether it is even possible to improve significantly in this matter.
    ill be turning 30 and maybe learning new skills is not so easy anymore as motor and spacial brain center are not as flexible, however i've been drawing since ever. i cant say that im practicing drawing from references 24/7 but after the years i wouldn't expect to have serious problems like the need to erase every other line when copying a subject.
    I can see that i realize and am aware of more things than i used to but i cant say that i can judge proportions, distances and angles more accurately.
    I would love to hear some thoughts and opinions on this topic

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    I'm having similar troubles. Most of my construction for life drawings look skewed because some angle was off. I use the 'hold pencil and arm length' technique for measuring things but can't easily translate it on paper. I think that the reason for this is because I treat the real life reference as a 2d image rather than imagining it as a 3d model; if I manage to imagine the object in 3d then I can get a better feel for it and not worry about getting the exact angle, but an rough impression of the angle as a feature of the object.

    I find that comparing one angle or length to another is a good way of detecting relationships which helps in proportions.

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