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Thread: ChOW#298 :: FINALS :: Wasteland Bard

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    well some critics and apreciation
    Floopate-like the idea, the tumbnail are aawesomes, and your take on tradicional medium, looks good, but i feel i need more colour for your concept, because of the fumes, it would be amazing if it was portraited, more in depth, and the final drawing is confusing to me, but good work..keep it up, try to work the values a bit more.

    Noctisette good idea, and the colours really give me wasteland feel, try to work more on anatomy, and start with simple relaxed poses, with more dynamic, he feels a little static (remember to use a "s" or "c" curve as first line for pose, coming from head that drives your entire character, and then work the anatomy), also in the bow, i wouldn´t have used two parts (one for securing the cord, and putting the hand, and other as the blade, i would have use one, and give in the middle of the blade, a grapping thing, it would look more badass

    marko markovic good work as always, but as ive seen in my work, he doesnt look very futuristic, and the instrument weapon is not clear to me, and i dont understand the book (i thing is a book, correct me if iam wrong), but good work, liked the silhoette of the building in the back, gives drama looks to me like a lighthouse

    witcrack very , very nice ideas, all put together in a excelent way for me, and love the description and story, it all complements together, i though about that instrument but considered it to hard for me to tackle, (or maybe i didnt find pacience to design all the keys hehe) on a note, i would add the camouflage idea to the jacket, maybe turning his botton starting, to camouflage with the back, it would look cool, nice comic style, and research

    JanJager very nice and simple aproach, it looks very cool, and has amazing painterly feel, just on a note, i dont really get your weapon instrument, it look very nice to me, have some feel of a weapon, but i cant discern how it works as a weapon, if is just the sound, or is it a projectile weapon, and it is played like a violin, or like a guitar?, but hey its design is super cool, i want one like that

    BloodyBoOger nice story, and idea, and style, but i feel like the character is unfinished in some way, and the arm in the back looks weird to me, but maybe is just me, i would have gonne with the red strip all the way down, to really look, like a poster thing, like it is, the first thing that it looks to me is a door, hehe, but hey nice work

    Lagarto hey nice work, and good rendering on the jacket, but next time, look out for anatomy, if the pose is difficult try to search for reference photos, or photograph yourself, it will really help, also watch out the perspective on the road, it only would look like that if looked from above, remember, the vanishing point, if looking straight ahead to the horizon, it is in the middle, if looking up, it is on the botton, if looking down it is in the top, and most importantly, remenber the shadow that grounds your character

    28thwing simply amazing to me, since idea, weapon, colors, style, really, really nice, and your wip is also amazing, speacially the weapon rendering, i wish i had your skills, you are a inspiration to me

    mcreation me, i really need to work on rendering more, and cleaning some edges, hehehe

    Chi___yo very nice, and cool rendering style, but i feel it needed to be pushed a little bit more, maybe change the pose to give him a stronger feel,, as he looks a strong guy, maybe some looking up perspective to give him power, reinforce his large shoulders, a bit of a dramatic lighting, you know that fancy stuff, that turn, good, into wowww, but being a last minute change is really good really, nice work
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