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    First Life Drawings

    short background:

    I've only taken up life/figure drawing in the last couple of months. I've been working on and off as a 3d/cg artist for a couple of years now. During this time I've neglected any form of traditional art. Just recently I've come to understand what a grave mistake that was.

    These are my first 'serious' attempts at life drawings. My gf - Noga has been kind enough to model for me (and even kinder to allow me to post them).

    I know they're not much. I still feel a resistance when I draw. Hopefully that will disappear with time.
    c&c are always welcome. Harsh crits are good too

    First Life Drawings

    First Life Drawings

    hope to have some more done by next week.

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    Nice start indeed. As an advice, that has come in handy for me, you might want to concentrate more on the pure line, than on shading.

    I found out for myself, that i tended to hide mistakes in the linework by simply shade it away.

    But go on with it. The 3d-Artists in my company are absolutely addicted to life drawing and claim, that it helps them a lot in their 3d-work.

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    Cool, good strong drawings a pretty model too. How long did these take? You might try doing some real fast gestural sketches. You know like work yourself into it. do some 15 minute poses, then 10 min., down to 5 min., then 2 minute, and finally do some 15 or 30 second ones. Or vice versa. that'll really loosen ya up. Plus with the real quick poses she'll be able to do some real expressive poses that she wouldn't be able to hold otherwise.

    Goodluck, and keep it up.:chug:

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