Can people still join in on the live portfolio review/TAD scholarship contest thing? If so, please take a look at some of my stuff.

My name is Terrence Nowicki, Jr. though the handle I go by online is Deep Hurting. I'm a 29-year-old political cartoonist who's had one or two works get fairly wide distribution online, but as far as making a living at that goes, I've not been very successful.

I want to draw narrative art of all types for my career, including graphic novels and story boards, as well as elements that go into things like that, such as character designs and concepts for animation.

Symbolism is especially important to meI judge the success of a work on whether or not it's about anything, and how effectively it communicates its intended story or message, including evaluations of artistic fundamentals like composition and form, in addition to themes and ideas.

Here are a few editorial cartoon samples:

(Additional pages in the above cartoon, which references this:

Plus some character sketches for something I'm developing:

Aaaand some general, gag-humor type stuff:

(References this:

The lineart in each of these cartoons was done mostly with a brush, while any coloring is digital. I usually use acrylic ink markers for lettering/panel borders and stuff like that, and occasionally use nibs and quills if I'm going for some specific effects.

I hope these aren't too many samples, but I wanted to make sure it was clear that my portfolio is stylistically broad, and not just limited to topical stuff, drawn only one way.

What do you think? Do I have what it takes to be a pro?