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    critique needed.

    I started this, this evening as a stress relief but thought i'd push it a bit more but first ask for some input. My questions/concers so far about it are:
    *is the anatomy working? The character is supposed to just stare a bit up and away. Is the frame ok or should i work lower on the torso/add some hand gesture mabe?
    *is coloring on her skin (especially face since i kinda worked more on it) too flat?
    I think that's my two worries for now but anything you feel needs correcton/improvent please say so!
    Oh and the light is coming from top right if this can somewhat help the critisism. Thanks!

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    Her right breast in particular looks a bit weird, and look up some reference for the arm anatomy. The right arm seems so far back that she doesn't look quite relaxed, but idk maybe that's just because I slouch and have a different definition of 'relaxed'. Ear is too far back on the head. Actually, just wear a tank top, adopt a similar pose, put a camera on self-timer and take a photo - it'll probably help a lot with the anatomy.

    You can push the value range even more, darker shadows and stuff.

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    The issues are not with the anatomy, they are with perspective.

    Approach the body as if you were building it in space, not just making marks on a flat page. Fix the perspective, and the anatomy will look adequate.

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    I agree with Arenhaus. The anatomy is not bad. The light source and subsequent shading, however, are. The light brings out everything, from the direction of her stare, to the mood of her position. The face and body are way under shadowed, and one of the few dark spots is on the wrong side of the nose for the light source to be the upper right.
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    I agree with the other hints but i'll tell you some errors the same and after that i'll tell you why you shouldn't care:

    -Eyes placement: the eyes are a little off, in general all the area around the eyes is quite a mess cause you didn't do some planning i guess;
    -Nose and lips: the nose is just wrong, i can't figure out what shape is that... and the lips are a little unrealistic, not too bad anyway, but they flatten out the face like this;
    -Shoulders: as they have told you already the shoulders are not two spheres attached at the torso side with the arms falling of from there, shoulders are big muscles attached to the front torso and pectorals and to the back too (many people doesn't realize that). Watch references about that muscles, try to learn how they connect to the torso and the arms;
    -Arms: perspective issue maybe but mostly is a proportion issue, your right arm is too much short and worst thing is shorter than the left one which should be foreshortened and do you know why you did this mistake? I know why, it's clear, you just end up of your canvas... the elbow starting point is at the same height in the two arms. Come on, it's a digital paint, if you end up your canvas just pull up your figure, or add some space! Those are rushing mistakes anyway;
    -Breasts: As they have already told you the breasts are off but the problem is on torso ad mostly on shoulders. Look at the left shoulder, it's connected to the neck of your character! And of course if you do that there won't be room for the left breast so it end up to be smaller or weird in some way. The rib cage is wrong too.
    -Colors and everything else: don't mind about colors, details won't do your drawing any better if the basics are not correct, you should have planned your drawing much better before all the fancy color stuff;

    Now i told you almost everything (the major problems anyway) and now you should take a pen brush and do the corrections fast and clear drawing on top of your image. After that just do another piece. I know by experience that if you start changing stuff on your drawing at this point you will end up frustrated by 10 minutes. Do a favor to yourself then, correct and achieve this one and start a new painting as a better artist than yesterday

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