Howdy, I'm Alex Reynolds. I am currently a senior (or will be when the school year starts back up) in high school. I am hoping to attend an art school for illustration.

Junior year in my art program is more structured in terms of the project assignments and mediums. Fortunately, next year is much more open in what we're allowed to do. Essentially, all we need is one project completed every two weeks (or more than one if you're working fast.)

I recently attended CCAD's three-week College PreView program for illustration. I got three credits from the program as well as a lot of experience with figure drawing and illustration.

Last year's work:

Figure drawing from CCAD (sorry for the crap pictures):

I have more figure drawing stuff, but I need to get it all properly photo'd.

Illustration from CCAD:

And here's a stop motion animation I completed last year:
I'm currently working on another commissioned project in the same vein.

I have some more portfolio pieces I haven't yet photographed that I will put up when I can take a photograph of them. And again, sorry for the shit photographs overall. Before I submit my real portfolio I will make sure to get some quality photos.

This is my first post on ConceptArt so let me know if I've done anything wrong. I'm looking forward to any feedback anyone can provide on what to strengthen and suggestions for what to work on going into next year.