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    Digital Paintings Need your help

    Hello, I'm Russell Jones, I started digitally painting back about april, and the past few months have taken it more seriously.

    I want to improve, and I work hard at it daily. Although I find myself unsure what to study next at times, seeing as I need to improve at so many things. Basically I've mostly been practising and studying anatomy.

    I could use your opinions on what my art need's, What I should try to study and ways to improve. It's hard to pin point things when you feel there are so many things you need to improve with. I also find myself asking (myself) 'how do I go about rendering this further?'

    Also, is using many layers valuable? as well as layers such as multiply? I usually only work with a few layers. at a time.

    Here's a link to my sketchbook but I'll post recent work right here -

    (Painting of a friend, from a photo)

    (woman is a lighting study study)

    Thank you very much for any comments, be as harsh as you like. My main goal is to improve.

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    From these samples, I recommend to study perspective and anatomy. Focus on getting the form right; don't take shortcuts. Even the smallest thing should be constructed as form in space, not as a mark on paper.

    When you get some practice with perspective, study lighting. You're basically using darker and lighter shades of the same color for everything in very schematic positions; real light does not behave that way.

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