I think I'm ready to call this piece finished. The subject was a cousin of mine who recently passed. He was a very well known musician and has become a sort of folk hero. There is an upcoming show at our local Native American museum and I anticipate that there will be other tribute pieces there. Considering this, I am almost certain all of them will depict him with a guitar or the like, and so I wanted to do this really dramatic close up of just his face. Something that would be an accurate representation of him, yet in a style that would be somewhat impressionist to bring out the power of his spirit and evoke an emotion in the audience. Is this strong enough as is? I originally planned to do some marks spreading out from his face or doing a spray paint like style on the edges to fade it out. But now that I've brought it to this point, I feel like maybe I should keep it here? Anyways, any thoughts or critiques you have would be greatly appreciated.