I have a few questions regarding shortcuts in CS5; I'm pretty new to this, but I've looked around before hand and couldn't really find an answer:

1.) As far as I know there are two ways to change brush sizes besides manually clicking and dragging the slider on the brush tool menu/palette: a.) Ctrl + the two brackets (two shortcuts used), and b.) Ctrl + Alt + Right Click + Drag left and right. Is there a way to modify the b.) shortcut, or is this fixed? I'm trying to accustom myself to the b.) shortcut but I'm not finding it intuitive, probably because I got used to Ctrl + Alt + Pen drag from SAI, IllustStudio has this on default too.

2.) Is there anyway to bind left click as a short cut in combination with other keybinds? (ex. Shift + left click = Zoom in, a + left click = Zoom out). Left click in this case is the pen tablet's pen tip. In the preferences keyboard shortcuts left click doesn't register.

3.) How do you drag the canvas out beyond the work space displayed? I'm not sure what the right term is, but if you try to drag the canvas (space bar + left click for hand tool) to the outer edges, it stops if you try to go out the border. In other programs like Paint Tool SAI, you can drag way outside of the work space of the canvas (The area is filled with gray outside of the canvas).