P.O.W.! 62 (A-B) Poll!

A Panels of the Week (P.O.W.!) Poll.

Vote for one artist (not yourself) whose comic pages you think best expressed the topics for this P.O.W.! topic. Polls stay open for 3 weeks after the contest deadline. The competing entries are displayed below.

Read over the entries and see which one fits the challenge topic best in your opinion. Look for a story that fits the topic, art that fits the narrative or has a interesting style, consider the lettering and the colouring, if any. But most of all, if someone's entry is really entertaining or really hilarious, give them a vote!

We POW'ers want the whole community of CA.org to give us feedback on the polls. Please feel free to vote for your favourite, whether you entered or not! Even if you just stumbled upon us just now, vote for the pages that caught your eye.