Hi Everyone.
(If you are a good client or someone who asks for work well done and pays for it, skip this and go to the links below, i would more than gladly work with/for you!)

Im a serious artist and im looking for work with serious people or companies. Im really tired of people delaying payments or thinking that freelancers are rich hobbysts with nothing better to do. Im a working man, i support my family with my work, im not doing this for "the love of art" and i dont wait until im "inspired" to start working. I dont believe in "writers or artists block", i sit down and do my job. I usually take at least 4 to 6 jobs or commissions at the same time, because i know that if i take 1 or 2, if they fail to pay, my family and i are going to be eating dust and grass.
What im looking for is serious writers, creators, companies, whatever, who wants a fast and reliable artist, who are willing to pay, who are also tired of pretentious wannabes and want the work done.
I can do pencils and inks easily, i can also color but im not the best colorist you can find. I can letter pages, do layouts and even write a bit too. I can do a lot of things, character designs, concept art, sequentials, even chibis, fanarts and cartoon animals. I just dont do nudity or gore (some blood or some "violence" is ok). All i ask is for payment, instead of guys who hire first and look for money to pay later.
I dont even charge too much, around $30-$40 for blanck and white inked pages.
You can reach me at Omaik@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot for reading. Hope to be working with/for some of you soon.