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    I'm new to the forum and found this thread yesterday! So I didn't quite manage 50 in that time but I've given it a go . I use ArtsyPoses for my references, it has it's own built in timer too and rotates the image in the time you've set.

    Spartan Camp #233 - 50 gestures + Optional "Scribbly Gestures" Study

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    Welcome to the forums Papaya_Pig. Good start.

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    Sorry for any overlapping, I was doing these are part of my routine and wasn't expecting to post them! 30s/3min

    Also, welcome to the forums Papaya. We're (mostly) nice here!

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    Impressive work this week guys!

    My last scribbling effort. Plus a colored one.

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    Wow, I said I would try and comment on everybody's work. But there was a LOT of work! Haha, here's my two cents:

    Obstfelder: Love your color studies man! Especially the ballerina (in pink tones) worked out fantastically!

    Zombie: Looking at your first page of poses I would really suggest you use a different medium that will force to draw with confident strokes, your lines are what they call "hairy" because you don't make a direct decision with your strokes. I think for gestures that would greatly help you. Your pencil page was better and you captured volume better there I find.

    Adrian: Love your weekly contributions, you seem so passionate to draw heads. I'm getting a samey feel aswell though in your routine. Maybe change things up by using different brushes that force you to focus less on details.

    littlebones: love the linework, you seem very confident in your poses. Your longer poses actually felt a bit too stiff for me, maybe you should keep that loseness from your smaller drawings.

    wla91: its interesting to see you describe the contours very definite and then work you way inwards? I prefer to draw from the inside out.

    Animare: I love an artist that draw on traditional paper Nice linework and the watercolor study was nice. I really suck so much at watercolours Your scribbles brought out anice line, but I think you should do some more, seems like you always ran out in time before doing hands and some smaller definitions. The last batch of olympic players however was really awesome!

    Guardian GI: I dont agree your normal gestures are scribbles, because in the guidelines it states that you shouldnt lift your pen while doing scribbles. You do lift your pen in your normal gestures.

    Juntine: the silhouettes seems hard to do! Love the bottom half of the page you posted, some good capturing of shape and volume.

    Papaya: Welcome! Better late then never I suggest doing some quicker poses to loosen up before you do longer more detailed studies. But good first showing!

    Tim: I liked how you built up from a skeleton to volume drawings, keep going!

    Anyway, I think Obstfelder deserves a prize for output and quality! Nice work!

    To finish this week, I did a quick colorstudy too. Tried out the brushes in CS6.
    Spartan Camp #233 - 50 gestures + Optional "Scribbly Gestures" Study
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    Studytime! Crunching down on Loomis and Figure Drawing
    My creative blog
    Figure Studies & Life drawing yay!

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    Late, as usual.
    I did a ton of 30 seconds gestures in one sitting, shaded a few of them but didn't bother to save them.

    Finally ended with a long scribble study. Couldn't believe how foreign the entire thing was to me. The scribbles (strangely) and trying to size and proportion animals within my grid.
    I do feel much more comfortable gesturing with a pen, but I had to give my tablet some loose loving as well.

    Spartan Camp #233 - 50 gestures + Optional "Scribbly Gestures" Study
    Spartan Camp #233 - 50 gestures + Optional "Scribbly Gestures" Study
    Spartan Camp #233 - 50 gestures + Optional "Scribbly Gestures" Study

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    Why are there SO MANY OF YOU?!


    Obstfelder: I'd like to see more refined studies from you! Though Spartan Camp isn't really the "right" place for them, especially during the scribble challenge, haha. You do very well with colour and value sketches. As for your crit to me (thank you!), I was actually doing almost-solid black and white on purpose after reading a blog post by James Gurney about it being a good way to be less hesitant with values -- but you are still correct. Also, yeah, the flatness is an issue I've got to work away at!

    Zombie Chinchilla: Nice start. Be less hesitant and chicken scratchy with your lines. Even though it's a scribble challenge the 'scribbles" should still be flowing, moving lines rather than tiny short lines. Try doing scribbly gestures with only one, long, continuous line, never taking your pencil off the paper/pen off the tablet.

    Adrian Nagorski: Hey man, nice improvement since I was last here. Keep an eye on that tilt, some of your drawings still have it. A good way to check it out is to flip your drawings often, which is easier when you work digitally. You'll quickly notice if something looks off that way.

    wla91: Think less about lines, more about volume. one thing I notice, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks as though you focus on the details quite soon when doing gestures. Try doing some superquick ones to get the "idea" of the pose down. Also, those coloured ones on the bottom of your first post are lovely. And I looove the breakdancers.

    Animare: I like that you're confident with those lines and clearly try to make each one count. As a result, though, some of your poses have a certain stiffness. Find a balance between the two and you'll have lovely, clean, expressive gestures.

    Guardian G.I.: Between short gestures you should do some proportion drills, just pick up Loomis and draw that dude and lady with the head heights and all that fun stuff. Personally, I noticed that even my quick gestures quickly became better proportioned once I did that even just a couple of times. As for line economy, it comes with practice, so if you want your non-scribbly gestures to be less scribbly just consciously try to make them that way each time you draw. It'll come to you.

    Hamorage: Damn. Lovely values, lovely lines, I really don't have much to say. You seem to know what's up and I'm not sure I have much to offer. Re: your crit to me - thanks! It really is tough to keep the same "flow" in the pose once details start being added.

    J8Stine: Lots of work on that one canvas. The outlines are great for 60 seconds, but as I said to someone earlier, focus on volume as well, which I can see you doing in some of the scribbly ones, so you're on the right track. Good job.

    Nightmare FH: Take the same advice I gave Guardian, the proportions are off in some of your poses. It also looks like you're working really small (though I may be wrong), which can be a hindrance in getting good, solid gestures. It helps to draw "from the shoulder" to loosen up your drawings, on a larger sheet of paper.

    Papaya Pig: Good start, but as I've mentioned a few times before: work on that line confidence, & focus on volume/form rather than outline.

    Tim Murphy: Right on man, you have the right idea, just a matter of getting those drawings on the page.

    Serix: For shame, sir. Late. Psh. Your animal gestures don't have the same confidence your human ones do and use a looot of lines. You likely already know this, just try to make every line count.

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