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    Drawing branches in perspective...

    Hi, I'm having some trouble sketching trees, specifically branches coming towards or away from the viewer. Does anyone have any processes or suggestions on sketching branches or any shapes coming at the viewer? I have trouble with deciding how wide to make branches coming at the person viewing the picture, because I know a tree branch or any object when coming at you looks larger as it gets closer (imagine a stick being pointed at your face directly), but since a tree branch decreases in size from the trunk, and increases in size when pointing directly at you, I have become confused on how to convincingly draw a tree that isn't just a 2d set of lines. How do you create this 3d image of branches and objects coming at the viewer? This can also be seen in the incredible perspective in some comic books. Thanks for your time, any tips and suggestions on drawing in the perspective where objects are drawn coming at the viewer would be helpful.

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    Whenever I try to draw something that's foreshortened and cylindrical (such as branches or arms) I draw circles wrapped around the object while downplaying any lines running from end to end. This is hard to explain but it forces the mind to think "hey this a cylinder facing me." I usually disguise the circles as cloth wrinkles, muscles, shadowing, or bark. I wouldn't worry too much about the size of the branches due to perspective, other than the fact that leaves and twigs close to the viewer should be larger than twigs and leaves further away. Trees are fairly chaotic so you always have the excuse of "it's just an odd tree." And if you want better hints you can photograph some trees outside or look the up on the internet. Pictures always help me when stuck.

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