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    Cerberus/Kitty sculpt - CCM261

    [ATTACH]Attachment 1527246[/ATTACH]This is a sculpture I did that was inspired by my own cat. I was just sitting around, playing Parasite Eve, and my cat wanders around and plops himself in front of the TV. So, I decided to do a hybrid model of my cat and a creature (Sheeva monster) from Parasite Eve 1. I spent about 3 hours setting up the wire mesh, and another 4-5 on the actual sculpting. What do you guys think could be improved on this?

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    interesting kitty-creature ^-^

    I think it could use some general refinement, but if you want something specific I think you should work on the hip/pelvic area. I don't know how to explain it, but it looks a bit... wrong, like the legs were stuck on afterwards. Also the wounds could use a bit of work, they look a bit shallow right now and also on the wound on the cat's right side, I don't think the ribcage should extend that far back.

    Sorry for being bad at explaining (and also for overusing the word also). It really is an interesting and cool creature you've created!
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    I agree, there does seem to be something off with the hip area. I'll take a look at some reference and try to pinpoint it exactly. And the wounds were kind of a quick add on while I was running out of time. I should of though it through a little more
    Thanks for the feedback Charadas! It's muchly appreciated ^-^

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