I just upgraded to Mountain Lion earlier today and the brushes in Painter 12 appear to be very unhappy as a result. I was previously using Snow Leopard and the brushes were quite smooth, even at large sizes or using Impasto brushes. I never really had any issues.. (I rarely even crashed!) Now even the most simple small brushes are acting really jerky and sort of skipping. (Almost like when you're watching a video online and it starts skipping frames, then it tries to catch up, if that makes sense?)

I know it's not tablet drivers because I tested in Photoshop, and that's working perfectly. (A bit better than it was before, actually. It's handling larger brushes much better now. Perfectly smooth, no issues.)

Just curious if any other Mac users made the upgrade today and are having similar issues? I've been trying to hunt around the net, but it's still fairly early so there's nothing posted yet.