This is for class - CCM261

Greetings wonderful people here at CA! I'm an animation student just breaking my first year of studies.

In our program we have just barely begun our studies on 3D Animation - this is a new skill to me, so I'm going to present my artistic pieces as well as my animations for review.

My primary focus is on what skills can be applied to animation! My secondary focus is character design and concept art. I would love to gain a better grasp on digital painting and drawing skills - however my program does not offer much of this and it may have to wait until post-graduation.
Any advice is welcome and very much appreciated!

Thank you very much!

05/05/12 - Character Design and Illustration

Two-Headed Monster

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Boar (Concept)

Lobster - Deep Sea Fish Hybrid

Primate - Boar Hybrid

Life Drawing Short Poses - 5 minutes and less

(studies from a Da Vinci Exhibit)

Personal (and Other) -

Custom signage for Starbucks through promotions - 2009

Collaborative illustration for a book cover - 2010
(I received character lineart from another artist, I am responsible for the colours and background on this piece)