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    In need of a Portfolio Review

    My name is Vincent Coviello and I am a recent illustration graduate. Here is a small portion of my portfolio, a snap shot of what the over all portfolio includes.
    I am hoping to one day be part of the booming concept art world of game and film. I would like to learn what should I be including/exluding in my portfolio. What skills should I be sharpening and any other gem of wisdom you have to offer.

    Thank you for your time and advice,
    Vincent Coviello

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    Hi Vincent, i watched closely everything you're showing here and i think your creatures and living being miss something. It's like the miss the movement, they are out of force. This is why most of them are just weird to be weird, nothing particularly functional or made for a purpose. Most of the muscular and bone structures beneath them are not made to work on a world similar to the Earth. You could say that was intentional but in this case you should not put them in a portfolio cause you never know who is going to view your stuff and if it's not a designer he couldn't understand why there's something wrong with those creature. He might not like them without knowing why but in that case is you that have to face the consequences.

    Anyway if it wasn't intentional then i suggest you to do a lot of silhouette to see if a creature is working or not without having all those fancy details on, because details never saves a bad design.

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    thank you for your advice.
    Maybe If I incorporate a creature design page, it will showcase them in multiple poses and actions, as apposed to a page of multiple individual creatures. But I can assure you everyone of these creatures is biologically sound; coming form a zoological background, I am well aware of how animal skeletal/musculature work. Relying on a "cool factor" or "weird for weird sake" isn't focal when I create something. But I can see how someone can think that with the way the page is laid out

    thank you again

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    Wayne Barlowe fan are we?

    Be mindful of your compositions, a lot of the images are cropped just at the edge of the subject/creatures, or are with the "Behemoth", the vignette doesn't frame it, it actually adds confusion to the already over-detailed anatomy of the creature, and whatever that little imp(?) at the end of the chains is all scrunched up against the image edge.

    I have to agree with Hitsu//San about the anatomy, I suggest trying more than profile views; not only does it show you are capable of broader concept skills, it opens up more dynamic compositions, and it'll really make you think how these creatures move and interact with their environment. I'm specifically talking about the icicle and rainy-swamp beasts, aside from being static, I don't really seem them belonging to those regions, the same way the ones in your second pencil-line image do.

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