PNGs getting artifacts? Acts like a JPEG.
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    PNGs getting artifacts? Acts like a JPEG.

    Ok. So for a while now I've been having an issue with photoshop in which the .pngs I've been saving have just...kind of been awful quality, and I can't figure out why. They act like lo-res jpeg files and while I kind of deal with it it at first, its driving me nuts now. Here's some examples:

    EDIT: its come to my attention that to problem may not be with photoshop, actually. I've sent the file to a friend and she can see the images just fine. The problems appears to be when /I'm/ viewing the images on the internet. Oh, man, I'm so confused. Any and all help, still really welcome. If the pictures /dont/ look pixellated to you, please let me know. as it stands, I've tried it on both Google Chrome and Firefox, and still have the same issue.

    [b]EDIT[/i]: I've seen it on multiple computers. Apparantly, the pixellation doesn't occur on anyone else's monitors, so these images probably look fine to most if not all of you. It's definitely not a photoshop issue, so feel free to move this thread. I've included a screenshot to show what I'm looking at now.

    PNGs getting artifacts? Acts like a JPEG.

    ^ original file

    versus what im seeing:

    PNGs getting artifacts? Acts like a JPEG.

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