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    Suggestions on how to make figures look solid?

    Hi CA!

    So this has been bothering me about my art for awhile, I have noticed that I have no idea how to draw a character that looks like they are standing solidly on a 3 dimensional surface, they always look like they might fall over in a breeze. I've seen other artists that can do this flawlessly and have their figures in complex poses but still have them look solid and real. Is there a specific technique to do this or is it just practice, observation, more practice, ect?

    Here are some recent sketches I've done, all wobbly.

    Thanks for anyone's help or suggestions
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    Basically all you need to do is lay out a perspective grid and place the figure on it, like with any other three dimensional form.

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    Well, this is more of an "out-there" suggestion, but I would definitely recommend studying more about placing the figures into perspective. Right now all of those three seem to have feet that don't either sit both in the same ground plane (especially the first one) or that the upper body and the legs don't really seem to be in the same angle/perspective. Getting bit more natural gesture would help too, especially the first two come off to me as "cool cartoon poses", as in poses that have nothing to do with how actual people would ever pose but all cool artists in DA draw like that so everyone has to copy them.
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    Can you draw cubes on a floor? What if they're facing different directions? What if the eye level is really low? Really high?

    Now can you draw trapezoidal prisms on the floor? Etc.

    Feet aren't too far beyond that. Learn the structure of the foot, and think in 3D. No shortcuts exist, really. Just learn perspective.

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