I've decided that it's time for me to invest in more art text books. I am particularly interested in books covers the subjects of composition, color theory and lighting. I prefer more extensive, advanced, and in-depth texts that covers the theory, science and logic behind each subject rather than the "how-to" or introductory books, or one that show only techniques and only glazes over the subjects but does not cover it in enough depth. After all that said, I am not looking for a pure science research paper on human physiology and perception or anything but rather, as mentioned, books that can strongly establish the fundamentals and knowledge of each of these subjects, suitable through the views of an artist.

I have purchased James Gurney's "Color and Light" (planning on purchasing his other book "Imaginative Realism") and enjoyed it really much, however I crave for more information.

Anyway back to the point, can I have some suggestions for the books I should get that fits the criteria I mentioned above? (I am not limited to buying only one book per each subject).

I apologize for being so picky and overly descriptive