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    first time ! i need your help

    hi , this is the first post in this great website . why great ! because i live where is no art support and because i'm a self taught so this website and all the artist in here amateurs or pros helped me a lot through looking at their works , tuts , discussion , critics . ect .
    so i started drawing a year ago and i can see my self developing through time
    but i found that i should share what i'm trying to do to have your help .
    this is a painting i did today and i want you to tell me whats wrong with it and what should i do and what i shouldn't .
    thank you so much .

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    Immediate things I noticed -

    lack of definite light source. There are no shadows. No part of her body is in shadow. Which means, the eye isn't directed anywhere, which might not be important, but it also means it lacks contrast, and looks blown out.

    I don't get the impression she has bones or muscle underneath the skin. There is no illusion of depth.

    The anatomy is a little off in general, one specific thing I noticed, her trapezius muscle is reallly big. Her clavicle seems to be tilting in the wrong direction too - on women it usually points down towards the sternum

    the coloring of her skin is very monotone which makes it look plastic

    also.... lens flare >_>

    so first I'd suggest finding a reference, if you don't have one, and seeing if you can work on the anatomy. And then try and add a light source, and bump up the contrast

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    I completely agree with clarithium.

    I like the background, however, I do find it very distracting. Maybe you should knock back the colors unless they are there for a reason. Are they adding anything to the portrait? If not, de-saturate it, or make another background that is simple and compliments the portrait since that is the main focus.

    A good trick to use to see if your symmetry is in check is to flip the image horizontally in your digital painting software, or look at it in a mirror for traditional pieces. I love this trick, it helps loads.

    One thing I do like, which I hope encourages you, is the way the chain is draped over the clavicle. You see form there, try that in the face more.

    Keep going!!

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    thank you so much

    You have no idea how helpful was this critiques and advices to me
    im working on every things you mentioned
    thax a lot
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