Hi All,

I've just started drawing this year, and have been trying to learn by working through Nicolaides' Natural Way to Draw (loving it so far). However, I started having lots of trouble with the watercolor exercise.

He says that the dark color should be applied while the yellow is still wet, and the example drawings indicate that the modelling should be done by mixing/blurring the two colors.
However, he also says to wipe the brush before dipping it in pigment, and to keep the paint full and thick, not watered down. Moreover, he insists that you use manila paper, which seems to let everything dry quite quickly, and lets excess water right through if you try keeping it wet. As a result, I find I am forced to do modelling by applying wet dark to dry yellow, which seems to not be how the exercise was meant to be done.
From the parts I've worked through so far, I've learned that there's a good reason his instructions are so detailed and particular, so I'd really like to adhere to them as strictly as possible... I'm just not getting how to do that in this case.

I would love some input from anyone who has worked through the book - hopefully you can clue me in to what I'm missing. (wrong paper? wrong technique?)

Thanks for the help!
(This is my first post on these forums so I hope I'm posting in the right place etc)