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    Post Concept art tips for a beginer.

    Hi everyone. I just graduated highschool and I hope to become an illustratior but mainly a concept artist. I've been drawing since I can remember im not amazing but im not bad. Concept art has always interested me greatly.

    I was hoping to ask some more experienced artists about any tips they can give me to help increase my concept art skills. The main problem I face is not being able to draw things I picture in my head or even come up with decent ideas... I usually draw from a picture to get ideas. I just am having trouble getting the hang of creating concept art like pieces. And help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again(:

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidpowers View Post
    The main problem I face is not being able to draw things I picture in my head or even come up with decent ideas...
    I think it's safe to say that most people here would recommend these things:

    • Start a sketchbook in the sketchbooks section so people can see where you're at and help you move forward.
    • Make sure you know the fundamentals before you do anything else. You can't draw things from your head unless you understand drawing in three dimensions, proper perspective, etc.
    • Reference, reference, reference! Plus draw from life! You learn to invent new concepts by drawing existing things and using lots of reference!
    • Books can help. James Gurney's Imaginative Realism. Doug Chiang's Mechanika. There are a million others you could check out.

    I'm sure others have more to add but I think that covers a few of the standard responses to topics like this.

    EDIT: Also you can read through this thread and this thread.
    My Sketchbook

    And then God said, "Let us make man in our likeness and our image. Let us make him ridiculously hard to draw so that poor artists everywhere will have to spend 10,000+ hours failing repeatedly before they can begin to capture the form and likeness onto a two-dimensional surface." And there was man. And it was good. And artists everywhere lost their minds.

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    Draw from life.

    Tristan Elwell
    **Finished Work Thread **Process Thread **Edges Tutorial

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    Never let the fear stop you from leaving your comfort zone.
    If you can't draw ears well, it's time to practice drawing some ears from reference.

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    Man im in the same boat as you, I have spent my last three years out of school jumping from tafe courses, uni courses and part time work but it wasn't until recently i found out about the concept art profession, and although I have been drawing for years making it my profession didn't occur to me as I'm the black sheep in a mechanically minded family.

    As suggested previously and what i have been told on these forums before, learn the basics... Anatomy.. its tough when you don't have anyone right next to you helping but having a whole world wide community right here has helped boost my confidence in my drawing and encouraged me to learn.

    The best link i can give you for anatomy would be here

    good luck with it and i hope to see your picts up soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaroncc54 View Post
    learn the basics... Anatomy..
    theres a whole lot more basics than just anatomy. i wouldnt even consider it to be a basic. i went a little rampant here, but it explains my point and i dont have to write it again.

    the reason why anatomy is mentioned as much on here (and probably every where else) is because, most starters start with (human) figures. and the easiest way to crit those is to say "study anatomy" which in most cases aint the real problem. keeping it basic goes a long way in figures...

    also most seem to think that concept design could aswell be named character design, which is entirely false. infact characters are only a small part of concepts needed. one of the bigger parts e.g. is enviroments.
    take any aaa title and look at how many characters there are compared to the vast amount of locations that have to be designed. and then there still is, props, vehicles, weapons,... and for all of those anatomy is quite futile knowledge.

    as mentioned in the thread i linked above... it wont hurt you, but there definitely are much more important concepts to learn first, that apply to a wider range of subjects.
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