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    Concept Art Contest.

    So I have had some ideas regarding a stealth game, but it is on the back burner for a latter time. I am wanting to get some concept art together that I can present at the target time for next year. Hopefully this will go into taking on, and inspiring new team members to the Centrifuge Source mod team.

    Now here is the premise... This game/mod takes place in a similar environment to the Thief games, at which I highly admire. Read the rest of this paragraph if you have not known the Thief series. It is a stealth
    game, that relies upon sneaking up on enemies. While head on attacks are possible, taking out your opponents by surprise is more rewarding.

    Oh and here is a bit more for those wanting to know more about the Thief series.

    Wiki Page for Content and Story

    Concept Art Contest.

    Concept Art Contest.

    Concept Art Contest.

    Now don't get me on the technical stuff, but here is the outline of what to go off of for this contest...

    Our Main Character
    The main protagonist is still not extremely well defined, other then a now wealthy gentleman with a well trained and skillful passed history (think of a Bruce Wayne in a sense). Since I don't want to keep using big
    words for him, we will just give him the place holder name of Jim. He is tall, well built, but has thinner facial features and is in his mid thirties by his looks. His speech as well as actions are reserved, and well
    calculated. He is quick to think, and wastes no time on getting something done. He has newly found interests in art and literature, attributed to his fancier and rather luxurious life style. He plans far ahead of
    time, and also plans for the unexpected. Drawing on our Thief reference he possesses much in the same skills like Garret.

    Jim's Old Accomplice
    Since we are just giving out names for these guys, lets pin a good villain name on him and call him Hector. Now Hector is also wealthy, but stayed in the business that he and Jim were both involved with. All that
    illegal stuff that I think you get the picture about. Jim has a rather lengthily history with Hector and knows him to well, to want anything to do with him. So there is a age old disposition between the two. Now to
    explain Hector a bit more in personal detail. He is mid height, stocky and is quite strong. He is the brains of his operation, but still lands himself in his own handy work on the job, so he is not lazy to let others
    do all his work for him. He is a swindler and knows how to push people around. He is also quick to speak, and is far less reserved then Jim. He spends his time involved with payed women, and gambling.

    Our Simple Plot for this Concept
    The plot is that an Jim's old Accomplice Hector, wants to haul him back into his old life utilizing his old skills that he requires of him. Now Jim doesn't want to get into the risky business that he finally managed
    to get out of a couple years back, and turned Hector down from the request. Hector, being the stubborn character that he is would not take no for an answer, so he prepared a siege force to break into Jim's estate to
    take Jim by force so that he might personally, "convice" Jim.

    Three days after the request was denied, Hector had prepared a full strike force and headed off to Jim's estate in the night. With his house keeper waking him that Hector and his men were breaking through the main
    gate, Jim has to think fast. He has to escape the clutches of one who was once his friend, and who has gone to far this time. Still not wanting to kill Hector, Jim must slip passed the strike force and find out why
    Hector wants him back so badly. Jim has to pull up his skills once again to evade his long time accomplice.

    Setting of Jim's Estate
    Jim bought a beautiful mansion/estate on the edge of our fictional city. It has an outer wall, and the main complex that lies about thirty feet inside those outer walls. It is a old mansion and is made of classic
    stone and wood materials alike. You can accent the building style within old Europe, or Victorian England. Your choice. You can think of round castle towers with battlements, or straight square walls with spires and
    high arched roof tops. The outside is cold, damp, and dark and is contrasted by the warm glow of the light emitted from the windows indoors. Much stone and decorative adornments with museum like art are seen
    throughout the mansion complex.
    There is also many shadows, and dark corners as the whole complex is not fully illuminated.

    I will hopefully be supplying some rather crude works of my own for a view outside the complex as more reference. Since this is a contest, I will be able to reward first and second place contenders.

    What You Need To Do To Win?
    With the provided info on background that Thief is about, there is your art style. Now I gave a short story and some characters set in that theme. Now combining them, sketch up a scene involving the given place and
    characters at some part in the situation I set up. You can do more if you like, but that is all I really wanted out of this. Reward can be further negotiated if anyone is interested. Note I will post reward changes here, so I wont be unfair to give some one more on the side. Steam game not your fancy? We can negotiate that too.

    Due Date Currently: 8/14/2012

    Limit: Three Entries per user.

    $25.00 steam game value for the first place winner.

    $15.00 steam game value for the second place winner.

    The winners will depend on attention to detail, as well as the characters being included in them. In other words, I am bound to select a shot with Jim crouched by a wall out of site of Hector and his thugs, over a
    shot with just the building by itself. Multiple shots are nice but there is a limit to three per contender, since I am looking for quality over quantity. The quality is most important for that matter, I would rather
    one exceptional piece of art over three decent ones. There will be at least a one month limit (it can be extended under needed circumstances). Thanks to all who participate.

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    whats this about?sounds very intersting.Is this a usual challenge here??
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    Yup just for some concept art going into a mod/game that I hope me and my team will be building after releasing our current mod.

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