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Thread: How to find a school from Italy to USA?? O_o

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    Question How to find a school from Italy to USA?? O_o

    Hi all!

    I've a question for who know better than me this argoument.
    Actually i'm an industrial designer in Italy, but there the work situation is quite drammatic, so i plan to get an experience somewhere in the world (possibly in USA) and invest on myself to learn some art and expand my knowledge and portfolio to be in the future a Character designer.

    I know how to use graphic programs (2d and 3d) but i lack in sketch art.
    I've made classical study, not artistic (there in italy there are a real great difference between hi-school programs, and when i was young i've taken that way...), so for me is something quite new, cuz i know technical sketching, i know something about artistic sketching but i wanna really better improve my skill starting from the beginning.

    So i've read something around in the forum, but is quite dispersive and i can't track a right discussion who can tell me what i need.

    The general main question are:
    - there is some school teaching the way to be a Character Designer? I like also comics, but i prefere focusing on character, not environments or veichles and so on...
    there in italy many schools teach you everything on sketching and this is good but it will take 3+ years, where in the 1st year you don't learn nothing about sketching because is all theory about color, light, art history and so on...
    Is a strange think just to me, or is a right method?
    indeed, i don't wanna be the new Stan Lee and i don't wanna sketch comics...

    - ther's an age limit or something similar to sign in art school?
    i'm 35 y.o. and i've a univeristy degree in Industrial Design.
    Ther's some limit because of this? Maybe some hidden rule that prohibits me to sign up in other schools or who knows...

    - how mutch cost subscribe an art school?
    ok, i know, it depends by the school of course, but usually could be a middle reference price to understand if we're talking about 1k or 100k $...

    - how many years is the duration of scolarship? O_o

    - from italy, how can i enter in USA, signing to an art school?
    Because is not a turistic travel and is not a work travel, so to be a regular on on the USA ground, i've to ask for some kind of permission?
    The school helps foreign ppls with papers to be a student in the school?

    - something useful to know?

    Looking forward for a kind answer, thanks all ^^

    PS: sorry for my bad englis in case something is not so clear...
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    hey Infernallove,

    im an industrial design student from germany! im in the same situation cuz I wanna use my skills from industrial design and advance more into entertainment design...
    So I focus on my visualization skills right now and started this year with digital painting. but im not character driven at all...
    I focus more on environments, props vehicle and so on...

    I´ll graduate next year and wanna spend my time befor (this fall) just on entertainment design.

    So long story short:
    I try to get two individual courses at gnomon school this fall. u can probably go their on a visitor status (90 days). but u need to check it with the embassy first....
    the courses last 10 weeks so they fit in the 90days perfectly...

    next week is enrollment so I hope i get the two courses.
    its kinda affordable: each course 1000$
    I mean I work since a month to stack money for it :-). I not really kno how americans do it cuz a regular semeter a gnomon cost 16000$. and that times four for a year! crazy guess they r all millionaires or will badly in dept when they graduate...

    I guess the whole trip with everything included would cost me 5000€!
    flight, housing, etc. included but thats cheap! so to be safe u should save more money then that...

    Yeah so going there is expensive. so u should think if its worthy...
    The individual courses at gnomon r just right for me. its affordable, you get in touch withe the people in the business, u speed up ur visulization skills (compared to self taught) and ur in hollywood were the whole entertainment business is.

    So far


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