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    Using Tumblr as portfolio pages (professional advice requested)

    So -

    I can't afford to host or make a website at this time, so I use tumblr as a digital portfolio. Right now I do mostly fine arts-type paintings, and they are pretty consistent thematically, so I'm not too worried about having them together on one page. However, soon I'll be in school for animation, so I'm sure the 'look' of my work will change to fit an animator's needs. Lots of tests, life drawings, character designs, etc. I'm concerned about putting those drawings on the same page as my paintings - I don't want the styles to clash and I like the current flow. But I do want to keep the two linked and let potential employers/collectors know it's the same person. I guess my question is - is it professional to make a separate blog and link the two (so you could click on a link at the header and see life drawings/animations)? I just don't want to get the traffic all mixed up.

    I searched for examples from other artists and they usually have a website dedicated to their craft. An animator will have life drawings, demos, what have you, while a contemporary artist usually has images from recent exhibitions. I am just wondering the best way to blend the two, since again, the styles and methods of working will probably look pretty different (I want to do fine arts and animation at the same time). What do you guys usually do? Thanks in advance!

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    Not professional myself, mind you, but if you look around here and at you'll find professionals who don't think it's a good idea to combine vastly differing types of work in one online portfolio.
    Animation studios searching the web and finding you will not want to waste time looking at fine arts work which does not directly relate to their present need; likewise a fine arts gallery will not want to wade through your animation efforts to locate fine arts work.
    Additionally some pros have suggested that combining different disciplines and styles in one site gives you the appearance of being somehow unsettled or unsure about what exactly you are professionally. If more than one discipline interests you, the popular view among pros, again, which I am not, seems to be to set up one online presence per discipline.
    This is what I've gleaned from comments from actual pros, but if I've got this wrong please chime in, actual pros.
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    Instead of Tumblr you can always try this:

    Or editing your blog in blogger like this:

    hope this helps.
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    tumblr is awesome. blogspot is close second;
    if carbonmade is that website with flash based gallery they should die asap and everyone hosting art there should too.
    by the time you'll be looking for jobs you will probably find $ 15/year to get a domain name and bind it to tumblr.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with linking 2 different blogs, as long as people who visit them see exactly the kind of work they are supposed to see.

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    It's totally okay to link your various sites together, as long as it's clear what they are.

    Heck, it's pretty much the norm these days to link everything together - your portfolio, your blog, your other blog, your print shop, your merch shop, your Etsy shop, your Tumblr, your Facebook page, your Twitter, etc. etc. It provides more ways for people to find you, so as long as you don't make it confusing, why not?

    Personally I tend to daisy-chain links, so my sites don't all link to each other directly, but you can find all of them by following links from one to another. Hence my official portfolio site links to my more casual sketch blog, and that in turn links to my really casual Tumblr and DA, which in turn link back to the sketch blog and portfolio... Etc.

    You could maybe do something similar with portfolios of different styles, if you have any other blogs or sites that would work as a stepping stone between the different portfolios...

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    Thanks for all the feedback! At this point, I'm thinking that linking two tumblr blogs would be the best thing to do. One for contemporary art, another for animation-related things (and possibly break that down later if need be). The reason why I like tumblr is because its format makes it easy to share my work and start circulating among other users - and it's free. It's just another exercise in professionalism. Although I haven't started animation yet, I figure it's never too early to start. I just don't want to lose the folks I already have in my collector's list Thanks again!

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    I use tumblr for my site, though I bought a domain name for it. Works very well for me, very easy to update, and it's nice to have the blog and gallery on two pages but easy to reach. The blog is really a free for all, and I just have different categories for my gallery. I did have to spend a bit of time messing with the HTML to get it the way I wanted though, and it's still not perfect. Shameless plug: (feel free to critique it, lol)

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    Ian - really nice! Super clean and easy to navigate, that's also a big draw to tumblr for me. You can see what I'm using if you look at my signature. I don't know any/much HTML or CSS so for now I'm using a basic template, but it seems easy enough to look through. Although I haven't yet posted anything to it, here's my animation tumblr that I plan on using when I do more work: I might add some of the stuff I have on my CA sketchbook so it won't be so empty. Still trying to figure out the best way to categorize work, if you have any tips I would love to hear em!

    (btw love your character designs, I may have to follow you)

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