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  • Obstfelder

    8 12.12%
  • elephant´s stroke

    0 0%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    2 3.03%
  • gavinmacdesign

    1 1.52%
  • njoo

    27 40.91%
  • christoffer

    0 0%
  • Magellan

    3 4.55%
  • Edward B

    23 34.85%
  • bonjour

    21 31.82%
  • Antono

    3 4.55%
  • jPerols

    24 36.36%
  • Whiskey Sour

    2 3.03%
  • Hive Mind

    0 0%
  • Draconius

    2 3.03%
  • BlkCelebration

    1 1.52%
  • Tacijana

    1 1.52%
  • VegasMike

    18 27.27%
  • Bazar

    1 1.52%

    0 0%
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Thread: C.O.W. #267, the pale greeter to the gates of hell. voting

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    Artist: Hive_minD

    Concept: Pale Greeter of Hell

    He gasps for air. For each breath he takes, the less oxygen he seems to take in. "where am I?" he kept thinking. The white hot pain rushes through his head again as it had several times before. What an empty wasteland he has found himself in. Behind him was darkness as if the night was after him. Infront of him, the same direction he seemed to have walked for a lifetime, was the light. It never seemed to end. He fell several times to his knees, pleading and crying from both the exhaustion and the never-ending pain in his head. But something about the light made him continue. Made him push further than he had ever gone before. The light gave him hope and made him feel strong, no matter what his body told him. And when he finally got to the entrance he saw a shape emerge from the light. It rose high and tall from its previous crouched position, and welcomed him to eternal tourment, whilst pulling a forced grin.
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    the Pale Collector

    Artist: Draconius

    Concept: the pale collector
    perched high above the gates of hell. the collector selects the weak souls to add their skulls to his collection. Doing so he prevents the weakening of the bruning legions as they prepare for the siege on the heavens.
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    Artist: BlkCelebration

    Concept: Atreup
    Fused the the gates of hell, Atreup is bound to the eternal task of ushering in the souls of those who in life gave themselves to darkness. Gazing upon its face brings upon a pain unlike any have ever felt. this is but a small taste of what awaits past the gates.
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    Artist: Tacijana

    Concept: The Knitter/Sinner's Angel

    The Knitters dwelt here in this foggy desert long before a god built infernal realm for his evil minions and the eternally damned. Knitters afterwards readily adapted to this change by moving closer to Hell's gates, since there seemed to be a constant inflow of their favorite food. Surrounded by thick fog and standing with their pale hunting nets ready, they were mistaken for white robed men or angels, waiting to greet the newcomers. In the end, they did greet anyone who wandered too close to them, in their own fashion. They tore and collected guts out of their prey, sucked its content and when well fed, rested and knitted a new hunting net with cleaned guts, getting ready for their next guests.
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    Artist: Vegasmike
    Concept: Pale Greeter

    Every soul of the damned must pass through the Pale Greeter. The greeting consists of the soul being ingested and passed through the creature. Inside the creatures stomach the damned go through a trance like nightmare that forces them to experience and feel the pain they inflicted during their lives.
    Adam Vehige aka VegasMike
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    Concept: White Scale
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    Artist: Kichi

    Concept: Fluked Gate warden
    A large agile creature with many deadly claws and sharp pointed teeth, not outwardly violent but perhaps that cold hard intellect is more terrifying as it scathingly recounts your latest crimes as it welcomes you to your new permanent residence.
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    fuckin crazy this week guys!

    even though there are only 19 entries, i decided to make it a multivote week.

    so vote more than once if you want to, but please keep your votes to a maximum of 4.
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    Voted for Magellan, Edward B, bonjour and VegasMike.

    I thought Magellan had the best concept, his creature is truly more of a "greater", more mindf*cking nightmare than dangerous monster.
    I voted Edward B for his amazing rendering, bonjour for the beautiful composition and VegasMike for the badassness and the little people falling and walking in line.
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    Obstfelder - I really like this idea, of the creature covering the entrence as if ti was the gate itself. The design is solid. I like how the heads are alike yet have different features. The reflections on the floor and the architecture in the bg wraps it all up very nicely. Too bad you didn't put more time into finishing up, though.

    elephant's stroke - It looks frightening. I just feel you should've cleaned it up a lot more to give it's defining features a more solid feeling. I get the impression you felt you really had an awesome idea in your head and while it started out good, you kind of lost track of it at the end.

    lkjhgfdsa - The crab-like design works nicely.. I can defintely see how it keeps itself busy, feeding on souls just like a real crab. I feel like you could've done so much more with the environment around it though.

    MAC - Very different approach here. It's interesting, surreal. It's kind of like something you'd expect but at the same time not really. I don't know if that made sense.
    As a creature it doesn't really work, imo, but as a living gate to hell, it's brillliant.

    njoo - It's very well thought out. It's inside-out features is a great idea. I like the smaller details, like the outside heart, the blue veins and the spine sticking out.

    Christoffer - A masterpiece. You really outdid yourself here. Bravo. BRAVO!

    Magellan - The butterfly wings with the eyes pointing towards the middle really wrap this piece up. I like the design of the upper body on the creature. It's almost iconic with the halo on top. I think you went a little too far with the rest of the body though. It's too long. If it were a more serpent-like body it would make more sense, being able to lift itself like that.

    EdwardB - Very nice rendering. Lot's of tasty subsurface scattering going on. The design is solid but I don't understand why you added motion blur at the bottom. Is there suppose to be a strong pull from the gate?

    Bonjour - That's a cool creature and the bg has a nice feel to it. Wish you had more time to finish it.

    Antono - That's a cool looking slug-like thing. Very nice rendering. you really captured that translucent, slimy look. It's not very hellish, though, but then again everyone's interpretation is different.

    jPerols - Love it. The face is great and the light coming from behind is gorgous. I love the thick, smokey atmosphere.

    Whiskey Sour - A lot stuff going on here. It kind of looks like a diseased, mishapen goblin, which is cool. There aren't enough defining features like musculature, bone structure and joints that it's hard to make things out.

    Hive_minD - Nice work. It has an alien look. Good to see a bg too.

    Draconius - This could've been a great piece. Too bad you didn't have enough to time to finish it.

    BlkCelebration - I like the idea of looking into the face of the creature. It's a little hard to tell where the creature ends and where the rock begins.

    Tacijana - that's a lot of guts. and the knitting is hilarious. Nice work.

    VegasMike - It's frantic, disgusting and insane. I like it.

    Bazar - Hmm..It's different. It's also very hard to make anything out.

    Kichi - there's a hint of abstract art in the details on the creature. The head looks interesting.
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    This was one of the most competitive rounds i remember. Loads of cool favourites concepts : whiskey, vegas and Edward, though there are three or four more that i like a lot too.
    @Christoffer, thanks for the critique, i agree with you.
    "Nature has the coolest patterns because there is chaos but then, it's also controled" Feng Zhu, design cinema, episode 35

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    My 2 cents...

    "MAC- Very different approach here. It's interesting, surreal. It's kind of like something you'd expect but at the same time not really. I don't know if that made sense. As a creature it doesn't really work, imo, but as a living gate to hell, it's brilliant."

    Thank you! I think I follow you on the surreal aspect. I also agree on the creature aspect not being completely successful. I realized that at the beginning. However, I just couldn't stop myself when I started to have so much fun with the design.

    Obstfelder - Fantastic concept! I loved the direction and atmosphere that was starting to come into place. Hopefully you put so more time to render more of the details even though what you did focus on is very successful. The solitude of the figure and overwhelming size of the greeter is wonderful.

    elephant's stroke - Love the texture and type work you used to push your design. It compliments it well. I wish I could see a bit more structure to some of the anatomy.

    lkjhgfdsa - Your critter made me laugh and creep me out! Success! Well done on all parts. Additionally I might have increased the color range of the hole to further expand the depth to your illustration.

    MAC - I felt I failed to to make it a species however I did end up with a fun living structure.

    njoo - Always a huge inspiration! The awkward stance of the creature with the twisted exposed tissue and organs was spot on for horrific.

    Christoffer - Love the premise and poise of the creature. I Imagine the "head" of the greeter would fold over to make a headless torso? Its noticeable that you spent some time on the function of your hellion.

    Magellan - Your angel of death is very symbolic and graphic. Well done. Some parts due to color saturation seem to flatten out but besides that I enjoyed your dark humor very much.

    EdwardB - Fantastic mood lighting. I loved the dark energy you brought. A couple of the hands were problematic for me but that could be due to intended mutations.

    Bonjour - Terrifying! Your city scape is equally as effective.

    Antono - Seems we both had similar thoughts on devouring in regards to hell indoctrination. Its freaking gross, awesome!

    jPerols - So well done! I thought of a hell cricket and wonder what horrible sounds it would make.

    Whiskey Sour - I love the details you decided to go with. Gruesome beast! A minor comment- the ground seemed to flatten at certain parts which lost some environmental depth for me.

    Hive_minD - Twisted! It immediately reminded me of the corridor beast in Hellraiser. Maybe push the atmospheric perspective on some of the ligaments?

    Draconius - Awesome! I hope you continue with this piece and flush it out even more.

    BlkCelebration - Obviously I too was a fan of the living gate idea. I love the sense of heat and hopelessness you created.

    Tacijana - Oh man! Where to start? Love it! Very unique and interesting approach to your design. Such a complex notion for what the creature does yet you successfully pulled it off.

    VegasMike - Straight up gangsta! Looks filthy terrifying fowl and I had to watch The Thing that after noon.

    Bazar - Such a great style. Strong movement and gesture of its breath drew me into your illustration.

    Kichi - I love your choice of pattern and texture. Very graphic and quite successful.
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    @Bazar: I voted for your piece because of the execution. I do believe, next time, you can take your forms a bit further to convey a better sense of volume, but, it did stand out to me. Yet, I am but one person in a sea of many. Good luck to you in this competition!

    Everyone else did a great job this round, but I feel like the brief was very clear as everyone hit the nail on the head.
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