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    how to get rid off stiff linework

    I can't have any of my recent sketches post up right now because my scanner broked and all my currently posted work is old as hell so I just have to try to explain what my problem is.
    no matter what i do, my linework ends up very stiff in my drawing. When i tried to do looser drawings, I end up having to rework my lines many times and it ends up looking how do i say? dead? I tried giving the line some variation to fix the when i try to do that, my thicker lines just makes the line look thicker, how do i say? it doesn't seem like it is giving that affect of making that edge look heavier, it just look unnatural.
    i tried erasing everything, and retracing over but it still doesn't seem to work.

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    From my experience people tend to grip the pencil too tight and press to hard on the paper. Practice drawing circles and straight lines, to get more control over your drawing hand. Try to vary their intensity and thickness when you get comfortable drawing them.

    edit: here's another thread on the subject
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    How long have you been drawing? The people who do lines well make it look easy but it has taken years of doing. Try also working with immediacy, doing life drawings with a pen.

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    This here may be useful:

    Practice drawing with your whole arm, shoulder down. Fingers are for holding the pencil, the arm is for drawing the line.

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    Dwayne Vance has a few vids on his blog -

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