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    this is my recent piece that I'm working on, I would like some critique

    I'm trying to make a fake screencap of a fighting game with my characters in it. I just wanted to make sure I captured that feel before I finish the piece off. If you see any other errors that I don't see can you point them out.

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    The thing that jumped out is that your human anatomy is off,check out that guy's down facing arm!(looks like its been attached wrong!)

    Here some cut and paste critques from the sticky thread,they can be applied to your artwork.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bai Fan View Post

    I have read a number of responses to critiques regarding anatomy that say things like “the anatomy isn't wrong, it is just under baggy clothes”. Just because we can't see actual skin doesn't mean we don't understand the underlying structure.

    Manga artists are usually well versed in both realistic human anatomy and proportions, as well as environmental perspective and architectural drafting since that is what is commonly taught in Japanese art classes. Stylization is great, but you have to know correct anatomy and proportions to understand how to stylize it.

    Breaking anatomy down into basic shapes such as cylinders and boxes greatly helps one to understand the 3d form that the body is made up of. {Muzzoid}


    A figure's balance is based on the center of gravity, so if the character is leaning in one direction, to be balanced, enough weight must be pushed in the other direction. One can gain a better idea of a figures balance if they extend a vertical line from the figures feet, and up through the center of gravity. {Muzzoid}

    An appealing and flowing pose has to have a good rhythm, to achieve a good rhythm an artist can base the figure on simple smooth and flowing lines, and build up the complex forms around this simple line. {Muzzoid}

    Always reference from life or a photo, avoid referencing someone
    else's work as you will end up copying their mistakes. {Ayem}


    Your skin colors appear too yellow. The characters look jaundiced.

    I think it is too early for you to be thinking about color. Work monochrome for now and try to get the form, anatomy and proportions better first.
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