I was posting these in my sketchbook and i decided to post them here too.

I don't draw from life very often i am learning art and new to a lot of aspects. Prior to these drawings here i have drawn from life maybe two times. So my main focus is tonal qualities, form, figure and structures.

Hope you like my stuff, also my "studio" i draw in is limited on what i can do, and has two light sources in different distances. So my shadow casts are pretty strange.

Right now i am simply just drawing individual objects and different things. Simple things. Then i will begin drawing them together. I cant draw the whole table because my studio doesn't give me much room (its my washer/dryer room with tons of tables and stuff cluttered around things will be more clean when we get stuff in appropriate places though).

Anyway i hope you like it and feel free to share your opinion or what you think i am lacking.