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    Jones's Sketchbook

    Hello, I'm Russell, and I'm 18 years old. I've been here quite a few times checking out others art, this forum has many aspiring artists and I enjoy looking through every ones work and improvement. I decided It'd be a good place to possibly get helpfull points and tips for my own improvement.

    Back in April I decided I wanted to work harder and improve on my art, so I started up with studies. I've been working on improving, and painting nearly every day. (Wacom tablet) Here's some of my work from the past few weeks not including studies, I'll update it whenever I have new stuff to post. Pill bottle one is still life, rest are imagination in that collage thing.

    The devil baby is the most recent, the background/environment was one of my first's with a character, It doesnt really look like it blends in well. Pointers and the likes are more then welcome.

    (btw anyone know why my thumbnail is all pixelated in the thread list?)

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