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Thread: ChOW#295 :: Fantasy Masquerade

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    Cumquat Really like the color scheme there, it's so icy.

    The variety of of entries this time is awesome.

    Worked more on the dress and mask, started to detail the wings. I'm using a Golden Emperor Moth as inspiration, right now I've got the colors direct, but I think I'll fantasy it up a bit with some colors that tie more into the dress.
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    Rayna: Ah, thank you! I'm loving the outfit you've designed. The owl look really works. In terms of the whole manly factor, perhaps his interned toes are making him look a bit too effeminate? Other than that, I like his pose but It's real lively compared to his expression. It looks like he's showing off, body wise and the cool smirk feels better matched with a more subdued pose. But maybe that's just me? Either way, I'm liking where it's going.

    Dryleg: Nice start! I like the jaggedness of the outfit against the soft cloth sleeves/trousers. It will be interesting to see it finished. No crits, I'm afraid, maybe at a later stage ahaha.

    Hemlock: Ahh, silk. I see it now. Your recent update is looking more like silk and less like shiny scales. And cheers for picking up on the feet! I knew something about them was bugging me. I had a go at fixing that up.

    Cumquat: Looks like yours is going to be a very graceful fairy. Nice soft colours, her face looks good too looking forward to seeing that one done.

    I messed up my elf's eyes and I'm completely alien with digital painting, but I'm getting there. ~~~
    Thinking of making his legs longer too.
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    Naidy: I like the illustrative style. Reminds me of mucha or however you spell his name. Kick ass autumn leaves. I'd have a little check on the feet though. Referense it with some perspective lines or something. And the whites in the bakground, It's not a big bother but i'd think your character would read better if you'd darken those whites. Or maybe ad some more shading on the pants. Just a matter of taste i guess.

    I'm not that good with values and tend to waste a lot of time guessing them.
    I ought to do more speed paints.
    THe next step is to ad colour and render details, and correct some volumetric mistakes on the go
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    Mondo competition this week, and I'm sorry, but I've come up with a little bit of story for this one, feel free to skip it.
    We do not possess the brute strength of the Orcs, nor the inherent tenacity of the Dwarves. The Elven gift of eternal life and their curious sorceries are mysteries to us. In all their eyes, we are a feeble species. Inert to the arcane, and cursed by weak limbs. We bleed easily, see poorly, die quickly and react slowly. And yet, we are stronger than all of them. It is the human mind that puts us one step ahead. We are cunning. It is humanity's knack for treachery that will leave us standing atop a mound of skulls; won not on the battle field, but in council.

    The Royal masquerade ball. The event happens just once a century, and for one night, there is a universal parlay as the next monarch of the kingdom is chosen. Some would think me a man without honour once they hear what I am about to tell you. Maybe they'd be right. But what honour is there to be had, in the shadow of lesser beings? When the kingdom wars with another, am I to stand idle while human blood is spilt in the name of an Dwarven king or Elven queen? Ha! Not a chance. I don't want a title. I don't need a crown. I want power. We deserve power.

    It has long been a rule that the members of the queen's council must be made up of seven of each of the four races. That way, the interests of the entire kingdom are taken into account. Except that the scum we share our land with do not treat us equally. A dam is built; it is a human town that is flooded. More weapons are needed for the war effort, they are forged by human hands. A slave tithe must be paid, always with human lives. We've had enough.

    When the opposing faction members of the council cannot make an agreement, and a vote is tied, the monarch has the final word, the decision is his. But on the night of the royal masquerade ball, there is no monarch; a four-way feud cannot be resolved by conventional means. An Orc king once wrote the law of mortal combat: in such a circumstance, the leaders of each faction must fight for the throne. To the death.

    I have already stated why I would not emerge victorious in a fair fight against an Orc or an Elf. But who says it will be a fair fight?

    This leaves two steps, how do we ensure a four-way feud, and how do we secure the throne? The answers come in the form of a fine young woman. A woman unlike any other. She has been raised with one purpose in mind: She is an assassin. A tool.

    What would happen, do you think, if the Orc chieftain was found dead? Murdered with an Elven blade and Elven poison? Do I really need to tell you that the Elf lords would not survive the hour?
    What then? We are left with two races without leadership, and a bunch of drunken Dwarves.

    My father studied the lord of the dwarves, his techniques, his weapons, weaknesses, everything. I have been trained, since birth, for this fight. I am the dwarven anathema. When the Orcs and Elves are headless, and at each other’s throats, I will invoke the law of mortal combat, and they will laugh. Until they realise they are without combatants.
    I will strike down the diminutive Dwarf-lord and claim the throne for myself. And, with Her at my side, I will raise us up, and begin the reign of Man."

    It needs some work, on the hand and eyes. Those are meant to be slits in the mask, but it looks like her eyes are just closed. I tried to hide the dagger a little to fit in with the story. Dress needs more fiddly bits / ornamentation, and perhaps I will change her expression. The part she is playing is a dim, innocent girl who's drunk too much, but I don't know if it looks right.
    Background incoming too. Still a way to go!
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    JanJager - thanks! I like your 2nd concept, but both of yours are pretty damm good.

    Havok Reed - Love the pose and expression on his face.

    Naidy - Thanks, I had planned on making his ear look painted a skin colour, trying to pass them off as elf ears, but the face painting idea sounds better. I like you colour choices and the style you've drawn yours in, try and get some reference for the hands if they are still bugging you.

    Parsakoira Awesome as always, She has a big head but I think it might work with the whole petite elf.

    hemlock-key Moth wings look pretty cool, like where this is going.

    Fleshing out areas a bit more, taking my inspiration for the dress from roses and flowers in general. Been looking at a lot of Masquerade costumes as well and making sure the costume reflects the nature of a high class royal party.
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    Great work from everyone! Hope you don't mind that I share some thoughts.

    Pixeltuner: Looking good right off the bat. The mask design is just perfect. What's with the radioactive drinking horn?

    JanJager: Haha, Lovley. I like the hipbone on-a stick.

    Parsakoira: Lovely. Great palette. Damn man, wish I had your kind of awsome.

    CountBlackula: I like his expression, but his pose is a little static maybe?

    NilaVanwolf: the movement in the lineart is great, so why did you change it in the colored one?

    Havok Reed: I like the bored aristocrat idea. Something odd about the right legg in that pose. You probably ought to get reference.

    Pitchblack: I would crop the image so that you can see the design of the wings, and maybe lose the ipod? Seems to contemporary.

    hemlock-key: Good costume. The jewelry things on the robe look a little floaty/detached. Add some shadow underneath perhaps?

    Naidy: Sweet lineart! The jaw looks a little crooked, maybe make it slope more up towards the ear. Also the grey disc behind his head is a little drab, and could use some color.

    Dryleg: I like the concept, but I feel the character needs more of the orc brutality in the pose. Now it's just the tusks telling us what he is.

    Barefoot: Nice story. I don't feel that it comes through in your design yet though. She doesn't look like she's been trained that much. She just has a knife behind her back. Maybe you could deck her out more like an assasin? Some cool hidden knifebelt on her underwear or something.

    Agent Melon: Great concept. Wish I had thought of that.

    I came up with this: The three unlikely companions. Ready to steal the elf queens diamonds at the great masquerade: There's the brainy gnome who's masterminded it all, the pretty dark elf cat burglar who will do the deed, and the brainless meatbag ogre for when the guards show up.

    Don't know wich one I'll go for yet, but I'm partial to the ogres Harlequin waiter disguise.
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    Thanks all. Yea both legs were off for sure. It was just quickly sketched in. I cant find a good ref for the life of me though... But I will certainly try to fix the foreshortened one best I can.
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    Some things I liked about the pieces;
    Hemlock..I like the moth wings so far
    Pixel..your always has polish and is super clean lets see more
    Naidy..Im diggin the right hand it looks appealing and the rest looks cool too
    Pasakoira...Natural and beliveable...nice
    Jan Jager...hats off to your imagination
    Agent melon...the trojan horse Idea is super cool
    havok....I like when characters tell a story nice work
    Count Blackula..hell yeah the doorman needs to be there
    Nila Van wolf...initail work looks cool please finish
    Spastic potato...original/sweet
    Rayna...the owl mask is on point
    Dryleg...orc with feathers/cool concept favorite ..i dont know it just looks killer
    Barefoot...Great idea and you captured that drunk goofy grin
    Obs..Your stuff is always good...push yourself anyway
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    Attachment 1516792

    they never have cyclops sized drinks at these things...

    Please PM me if you'd like an individual crit.

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    So I figured I'd give this challenge a go!
    You can't have a bunch of fae without the great mythical and magical corgis! haha
    Was looking at my own pup after reading this and remembered how corgis fall into fae lore so I figured why not incorporate a dapper little fae corgi
    he's much older than he looks, but he's just so cute people can't help but want to snuggle him haha
    also working on a mask now, only thing I have down is a Zorro/bandito style mask, gonna play with more italian styles to see how it looks and do some sprucing up to his doublet
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    Ah agent. a very funny concept youve come up with. and a fun choice of reference with the roses. Gotta try refs more.
    Obst. Really dig you painting style.

    I'd really like to sit down and try to crit all you guys stuff but I'm too tired to commit right now.
    Challenged myself to bring chow from concept to finish in one day. At least i got it within a 10h span, which is an improvement by my standards.

    my own thoughts so far. The face is a bit underdeveloped and could use some more personality.
    The costume could have more detail. Some ornament on the chest maybe.

    love art
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    Hey everyone, This is my second CHOW, pretty fun idea this week and since I don't spend enough time working on my designs I figure I should join in here more! awesome imaginations on everyone and a lot of cool ideas. I went with a goblin and decided to try to make him upper class and snobby. It was pretty fun. I'd like to say "here's what I've got so far" but I got a bit carried away and before I knew it I had him pretty much finished ah well here it is as well as some process stages
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    Thx for the love. I did a recrop, resize, repaint, detailpass, lighting thing, whatever and gave her a proper glass Almost there ^_^
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