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Thread: Landscape crit pleasee

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    Thanks, I'm going to hash out some different compositions and find something more promising.

    I may have overreacted. Looking back I don't really see any personal attacks, I think I just read a lot of aggression (directed at me and not my art) into Stryno's post.

    I appreciate critiques that tell me how to get better in the future, so long as they actually pertain to the work at hand. "Study the old masters," isn't actually helpful advice once you've heard it enough times to know it's a good idea. "Study some hours on perspective, texture, depth, and values" is significantly more helpful, since it actually gives me some direction.

    As to background on where I want to take myself as an artist:
    I wouldn't say it's just a hobby, although it's not a primary part of my career plan. Honestly, my goal is to constantly get better and it's as simple as that. I want to make beautiful things. I understand that the spirit of the "study the old masters" stuff is in the interest of me getting better. It also assumes that I've spent almost no time with art, and therefore haven't done that / haven't been doing that / am not aware that that's a good idea. It also just flat out is not a critique of the artwork. It's as intelligible and helpful a criticism as saying, "I don't like this," or, "this is bad."

    I am SO okay with harsh critique, as long as the harshness is directed at my artwork, and the result is that I understand better what the problems are with it. I am not unfamiliar to long, harsh critiques. I spent a year in art school and I've seen students cry during critiques more than once.
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    My two bob's worth.

    Copying old master paintings is a particular process people go through to learn how the old masters created their paintings. How they solved their particular problems and how they worked the paint. It's not really going to teach you much about painting a believable landscape.

    I cant really give you any constructive criticism on how to improve the two paintings you posted, including the edited version of the first one, because they're not at a stage where you can fix them. What I would do is leave them as they are, mark them up as part of a learning process, and move on to other paintings, applying what people here told you about atmospheric perspective, pointed perspective, colour and light etc. That way, you'll be moving forward and learning while you go rather than getting bogged down in one or two unsuccessful pieces.

    Keep learning and practising and you'll get there. Good luck!
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    Thanks, you might be right that these paintings are something I should move on from. I'm futzing around with the one a bit because I feel like I can glean something from the process. I'll probably not finish it, and move on to something else soon.

    Here's another paint-over... I'm trying to get the time of day clear, get a better composition, make the lighting make more sense, and add atmospheric perspective. In the process I've pretty much ignored the materials everything's made out of, and am just acting like its a big blob of sculpted clay or something. I think I'm getting a better feel for how to work with perspective in landscapes, but I'm not taking the time to draw guides or anything because that's not what I'm focusing on.
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    Hi guys

    Ok I feel the need to defend Mr constable and Mr Turner! LOL.
    what I meant by "study the old masters" is look at how the paintings are constructed from the point of view of perspective, composition and lighting etc. The problems they faced and solved are the same ones you come across in your digital art. You still have to daub paint on something and fool the eye into believing that its clouds, trees and grass etc. I personally have learned a hell of a lot from looking at these things and I honestly think that I have barely scratched the surface.
    Fooling the eye into seeing depth in an environment study/ image is something I still have trouble with just check out my sketchbook and look at the mountain study its totally lacking in atmosphere, but I also took something away from it whilst creating it so although its a failure I learned from it.
    If as you say you are just trying to please yourself and create lovely things from your minds eye then you are definitely in the right place in this forum and I would say look at the following link for "Dpaint's" work for some inspiration and of course my mate "JeffX99" some of the plein air stuff they create is beyond me! = Dpaint's stuff = JeffX99's stuff
    even by looking at the work these guys have put together (neither would compare themselves to turner or constable) you can learn a hell of alot about texture and light etc.

    If you are interested I can put more links up for you to look through that may light the fires of your imagination.

    all the best with your art matey.
    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook
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    I was not trying to attack you personaly, I didnt mean to even seam aggressive, I was maybe over zelious in my attempt to save you from yourself, which as always is a foolish endevor. I am glade you are going on to the next works, I think if you worked on these for the amount of time it would have taken you, you would dispare and loose any progress that could have been gain from this exersize.
    I am sure that people here at CA can sympathize with my crazed plight, and I hope everyone realizes I was being truly sincere in my aggression, and was not meaning to be mean, hateful , or belittling on purpose.
    Sketchbook-Stryno's Thoughts
    "I spent my childhood dreaming about who I would be as an adult, now I am an adult I spend my life dreaming of who I was as a child"
    "I play Guitar because I like music, I draw because I have to."
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